Gas metering and data

Gas metering and data

Save time and money with accurate consumption insights.

We’re transforming gas metering with advanced technology and AI data services.

Our gas metering services

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We partner with energy suppliers to complete 1,000s of new gas meter connections every year, from simple diaphragm meters to complex turbine installations. Whatever the meter size you need, whatever the pressure tier and wherever you are in Britain, we’re here to help.

As well as providing gas metering installations for some of the country’s best-known private and public sector organisations, we also offer automated meter readings (AMR) and SMETS2 smart gas meters for micro businesses.

We design, install, maintain, and monitor gas metering systems – from new gas installations to the exchange of ‘dumb’ meters for advanced metering systems.

To install your new gas meter, we’ll co-ordinate our site visit while our Approved Meter Installers complete rigorous pressure and safety control checks. We’ll also liaise with gas suppliers to compete necessary data exchanges between them, the Meter Asset Manager (MAM), and Xoserve.

For gas suppliers and end users, our services include:

  • connection design and construction
  • installation and maintenance of settlement meters and sub-meters
  • data collection for billing and settlements
  • analysis tools to help you save money and make more informed decisions.

We invest in digital workflows to promote efficiency and data security throughout the installation or exchange process. This includes:

  • meter and industry data validation and cleansing
  • status reporting
  • a near real-time web-based data platform
  • client visibility of activities
  • electronic industry compliant file flows
  • digital images at all stages of work undertaken.

We’ll make all the arrangements to remove your old gas meter, leading to the cap of the supply feeder pipework downstream of the Emergency Control Valve. Removed meters will be processed in accordance with MCoP requirements with all required data provided to relevant parties. We’ll also remove or alter downstream pipework, if needed.

For meter service disconnections, we’ll manage the process from start to finish, arranging access and providing data to the relevant parties.

Spot waste and save money with sub-metering. For single operator businesses or public sector premises, sub-metering is useful for measuring gas consumption by department, floor, or function. It can also identify data important to fulfil obligations linked to carbon reduction and the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme.

In multi-occupier settings like retail centres, we recommend sub-metering so that costs are based on consumption rather than on a broader measure like footprint.

Providing you with peace of mind

Strong customer portfolio

With almost 20 years across the private and public sectors, we’ve got experience in your industry. We’ve got a long-standing reputation for high-quality service and delivering against SLAs.

High levels of accreditation

We’re accredited for half-hourly meter reading, recognised by MAMCoP, ASPCoP, GIRS and AMI. We also hold the following ISOs: ISO14001, ISO27001, ISO9001-2008, OHSAS18001.

Market-leading data and analysis

AI data processing, comprehensive dashboards and a reporting libraries are just a few of our highly sophisticated data tools. We can also provide full data validation, tolerance checks and alarms for unusual patterns.

AMR and smart metering

Our ASPCoP-approved AMR technology collects and delivers half-hourly consumption data to help you reduce energy usage. You’ll receive more accurate billing – no need for estimated or manual reading – plus better visibility and control of your consumption. More accurate data means easier budgeting and forecasting and better energy management.

We also own, manage, and install SMETS2 smart gas meters for micro businesses, enabling even the smallest company or sole trader to benefit from half-hourly data. These meters communicate wirelessly to your energy supplier, making it easier for you to get accurate billing as well as access the best tariffs and new services.

These systems support our delivery of large-scale meter exchange programmes, helping businesses benefit from accurate data collection and improve energy efficiency. We’re able to collect and aggregate this data as an accredited DC/DA.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who’ll oversee both the installation project and all data delivery throughout. We install AMR loggers and SMETS2 smart meters using our bespoke asset management, validation and auditing software suite which automatically captures every stage of the installation. We also do regular connectivity checks with our data centre, providing you with reports for all contracted AMR service meter points.

Our Mimir datalogger provides remote monitoring of energy data and plays an integral role within our AMR service. Mimir collects consumption in half-hourly increments and transmits data – via GPRS or SMS – to a secure central data collection centre in a variety file formats.

Complex metering projects

Planning something more complex? With our extensive industrial and commercial gas engineering experience, we’re confident that we’ll find an innovative, cost-effective solution for almost any pipework and metering project.

Our GIRS accredited design team and IGEM approved engineers deliver compliant gas design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning services, with full in-house 3D CAD systems available for modelling. We’ll also identify the right materials for downstream gas pipelines – depending on the application and pipe run – above or below ground. We’ll then size the pipeline, specify the metering and control equipment, and then manufacture and install the pipe and metering networks – all in-house.

We take a personal and tailored approach to every gas pipe and metering job, with a project management system that places you at the centre. Our Project Managers are qualified engineers who can oversee all aspects, from initial design through to installation and commissioning.

Thanks to this approach, we work with some of the leading industrial and commercial brands in Britain – from major automotive businesses to blue chip retailers.

We run a full project lifecycle management process covering construction, with installation services scheduled to minimise disruption. This includes out of hours support, 24/7 working, live connections and hot tapping.

Our services adhere to the following standards:

  • quality management system ISO 9001:2008
  • environmental management system ISO 14001:2004
  • occupational health and safety management systems 45001:2018.

All these systems are regularly audited and externally accredited by a UKAS approved organisation. We’re committed to safety – in whatever we do, wherever we operate.

Meter asset management

We’re Britain’s leading independent gas MAM, working with energy suppliers to meet commercial metering needs across Britain. We own, install, operate, and maintain gas meters and AMR devices on behalf of suppliers, their customers and end-user brands. As such, we meet the stringent engineering and technical standards set by regulatory bodies like Ofgem and Xoserve.

Our data services


Data from AMR gas meters can be presented in our data management portal, WebAnalyser. It can provide custom energy reports with filters, set alarms for unusual patterns, and model the impact of renewables on carbon emissions.

WebAnalyser is also an excellent monitoring tool for sub-metering users like property owners, allowing you to measure electrical usage by tenant.

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For even greater insights, take advantage of AMR DNA, our artificial intelligence service that interrogates historic meter data to identify patterns of energy waste. Taking data from automated meter readings, AMR DNA progressively ‘learns’ optimal energy performance, providing you with tailored cost-saving recommendations.

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Data AMR

Get accurate half-hourly data with automated meter reading (AMR). AMR is a key enabler for collecting and analysing data to inform energy efficiency and significantly improve budgeting.

Our advanced gas meters will help you get the best possible value with more accurate billing – so no more estimated or visual meter reads.

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A proven track record

We’ve installed more than 200,000 advanced gas meters.

Energy Assets was formed in 2005 and over the near two decades since we’ve continued to grow, expand and diverge into all energy sectors.

We have 10 regional offices, providing national coverage.

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We’re fully accredited in multi-utility metering and multi-utility infrastructure construction and adoption.