Water metering and data

Water metering and data

Dive deep into water consumption

Keep track of usage easily with our water-saving technology and intelligent data analytics.

Our water metering services

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Metering and sub-metering
Our fiscal metering solutions give industrial and commercial organisations water consumption data to help influence behaviour and reduce overall water usage.

For single operator businesses or public sector premises, sub-metering can give further insight by measuring water consumption by department, floor, or operation. In multi-occupier settings, like retail centres, sub-metering ensures that costs are based on consumption rather than on a broader measure, like footprint.

Automated meter reading (AMR)
Our ASPCoP-accredited AMR service automatically collects and delivers robust consumption data, allowing you easily to track water usage. Not only does it give better visibility and control of your consumption (and your water bill), AMR can also flag up unexpected patterns, which could be associated with leaks.

Providing you with peace of mind

Strong customer portfolio

With almost 20 years across the private and public sectors, we’ve got experience in your industry. We’ve got a long-standing reputation for high-quality service and delivering against SLAs.

High levels of accreditation

We’re accredited for half-hourly meter reading, recognised by MAMCoP, ASPCoP, GIRS and AMI. We also hold the following ISOs: ISO14001, ISO27001, ISO9001-2008, OHSAS18001.

Market-leading data and analysis

AI data processing, comprehensive dashboards and a reporting libraries are just a few of our highly sophisticated data tools. We can also provide full data validation, tolerance checks and alarms for unusual patterns.

Water consumption auditing

We provide an audit service that dives deep into 12 months of bills to validate charges and find saving opportunities.

Our specialists can also advise on a sub-metering strategy to give you a view of overall consumption patterns. These simple changes can help spot irregularities that could indicate a costly leak in your water network.

Our data services


Our innovative data management portal captures data from water meters – and other utilities – via AMR technology and presents it in a single customisable dashboard.

You can drill data down to individual premises, meters, and profiles, as well as set alarms for unusual consumption patterns. WebAnalyser offers a comprehensive library of reports including trends and performance comparisons, putting you in control through quality data.

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AMR DNA is our highly sophisticated data processing tool, using AI and data from automated meter readings to provide you with tailored cost-saving recommendations.

AMR DNA can be implemented across a large variety of businesses and industries to help transform efficiency, improve carbon footprints, and reduce operating costs.


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Data AMR

Get accurate half-hourly data with automated meter reading (AMR). AMR is a key enabler for collecting and analysing data to inform energy efficiency and significantly improve budgeting.

Our advanced water meters will help you get the best possible value with more accurate billing – so no more estimated or visual meter reads.

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A proven track record

3 Industry accreditations – we’re part of the GIRS, NERS, and WIRS accredited schemes.

Our data loggers supply half hourly data, 24 hours a day, providing accurate energy usage data.

WebAnalyser uses aM&T technology which has usage savings of 4 –20%, with average cost savings of 10-15%.

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We’re fully accredited in multi-utility metering and multi-utility infrastructure construction and adoption.