Quality policy

Quality policy

We’re committed to exceeding customer expectations through a culture of quality and continuous improvement.

We’ve implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) to satisfy the quality assurance standard (BS EN ISO 9001:2015) and support us in fully meeting customer requirements.

We also use the following key tools to deliver on our commitment to high quality:

  • gathering and monitoring internal and external customer feedback
  • maintaining a customer complaints procedure
  • monitoring performance against set criteria
  • continuous training and development
  • auditing internal processes
  • setting SMART quality objectives that reflect and reinforce business goals
  • reviewing and taking action as a result of audit results, customer feedback and complaints

We’re committed to a continuous improvement philosophy across all activities.

At all times, we’ll comply with the relevant Health & Safety regulations applicable to our operations.

We aim to offer our customers comprehensive support and unwavering reliability – enabling us to foster long term strategic relationships.

Or quality strategy and objectives are regularly monitored and reviewed as required.

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We’re fully accredited in multi-utility metering and multi-utility infrastructure construction and adoption.