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Do you have too much data, and not enough time to analyse it? Artificial intelligence (AI) is your solution. Take control of your data with our AI data processing tool AMR DNA, powered by kWIQly.

AMR DNA uses AI to crunch utilities consumption data collected from automated meter readings (AMR) and spot waste patterns. It progressively ‘learns’ what your optimal utilities performance looks like, and then delivers tailored recommendations to reduce consumption and save money.

Based on the experiences of users, AMR DNA delivers typical average savings opportunities of 25% in gas and up to 15% in power.

As a building uses energy or water, several ‘fingerprints’ unique to it emerge. Some of these fingerprints provide evidence for specific problems – we see these as savings opportunities.

Utilities meter data is collected automatically every half hour via AMR and then processed by AMR DNA, which searches data using AI pattern recognition. This identifies problem areas and recommends corrective action, taking variables like weather conditions, Daylight Saving Time, and hours of operation into account. Over time, AMR DNA ‘learns’ the optimum building efficiency model.

AMR DNA scans over 50 KPIs to map a building consumption profile. It monitors the outcomes of recommended actions and presents the data in an easy-to-use workflow. By analysing data in this way, AMR DNA can identify waste and send an automated alert.

Benefits include:

  • carbon, water and energy waste reduction, leading to improved productivity
  • an early alert system which reduces risk
  • improved forecasting and an enhanced buying process.

AMR DNA can benefit almost every medium to large-scale organisation, especially ones with multiple sites. It can also act as a key scenario planning tool for if business need to rescale.

The system also adapts to certain changes, for example if a site moves to 24-hour operation. This means that only events outside the new ‘normal’ will be flagged.

AMR DNA is ideal for:

  • public sector bodies e.g. local authorities, hospitals, and schools
  • large retail / SME chains
  • wholesalers
  • hospitality businesses e.g. hotels
  • leisure companies e.g. pubs, restaurants, gyms
  • offices

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A proven track record

ROI for Central England Co-operative over 3 months.

The London borough of Merton identified energy waste valued at £25,000 within just 15 minutes of employing a AMR DNA.

Universities across Britain cut energy costs in buildings by as much as 30%.

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We’re fully accredited in multi-utility metering and multi-utility infrastructure construction and adoption.