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To report a power cut or damage to electricity power lines or substations, or the incoming power supply to your property, call your local DNO on 105 (freephone emergency number).

Yes, if instructed to by your electricity supplier, and if we’re the MOP for the meter.

As a MOP, we’re not responsible for equipment before or after the electricity meter (other than the supply cables from the incoming fuse). We’re responsible for metering equipment, which begins after the main fuse comes into your property and ends before any customer-owned equipment.

Responsibility for equipment before the meter will generally sit with your DNO but can also be a BNO. To contact your DNO, please call 105.

If the fault is after the metering equipment, you’ll need to contact a qualified electrician to check your supply after the meter.

Contact your electricity supplier and provide photos where possible. You can find the contact information for your electricity supplier on a recent bill, email, or letter, or on their website.

Your electricity supplier will, if needed, arrange a visit with the MOP for your metering equipment, or will advise you accordingly.

The relevant MOP will be in touch if they go need to visit (timescales may vary).

A Meter Operator is a company that’s licensed to install and maintain energy meters in businesses.

A DNO is a company that owns and operates the power lines and infrastructure that connects the power network to your property.

A BNO is an organisation that owns or operates the electricity distribution network within a multiple occupancy building, between the intake position and customers’ installations. A BNO might be a building owner, landlord, developer, or similar function in control of a building infrastructure.

As well as continually measuring and transmitting data to the electricity supply companies, a Smart Meter has a large number of features to provide end users with detailed information about their electricity supply including;

  • Date
  • Time
  • Tariff (Standard Settlement Configuration – SSC)
  • Total Billing Energy Consumption together with individual Rate consumptions for consumers on multi rate tariffs.

In addition, Power Factor, Maximum Demand and billing reset information is available for users who need this additional information.

This information can be accessed on the LCD display using the ‘Select’ button on the front of the meter. The exact make and model of your meter will be clearly shown on the front of the device allowing you to download the appropriate instruction booklet below.

You can read about preparing for your meter installation day in our What to expect guide.

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