Gas services

Gas services

Accredited gas metering, infrastructure construction and network ownership

Gas metering and networks

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Whether you’re a sole trader, energy supplier, industrial or commercial business or from the public sector, you can expect excellent service and dynamic solutions from our expert teams.

Saving you time and money

Multi-utility, meter-to-main offering

We’ve got extensive industry knowledge in multiple utilities, giving us a holistic view when it comes to your project.

National coverage

With regional offices and field operatives across Britain, each with local knowledge and relationships, you can expect a responsive and trusted service.

Next-gen systems

We’re always innovating and investing in scalable, future-proofed technology bespoke to our services.

In-house teams

We invest in our staff to ensure they’re equipped with the latest and compliant technical skills with a focus on customer service.

Reliable supply chain

Our unique integrated model means a stronger, more robust supply chain, boosted by our long-standing relationships, giving you more security for your project.

Transparent and competitive quotes

We’ll give you a full itemised breakdown so you can compare fairly, and we ensure no hidden costs.

Our services

Gas metering
As a Meter Asset Manager (MAM), we own, install, exchange, and operate advanced meters for the industrial and commercial sector, providing data that informs energy efficiency. We also disconnect and remove legacy meters no longer fit for purpose.

Gas network construction
We design and construct gas networks, driving value via innovative project management and sharing scheme progress through document management system. We’re GIRS accredited and always focus on schedule adherence and budget.

Gas network ownership
As an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT), we partner with housebuilders, developers, construction companies and Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs) to optimise the value of final mile networks. We offer competitive asset valuations alongside our design and commissioning expertise.

A proven track record

We’ve installed more than 200,000 advanced gas meters.

We hold multiple ISO accreditations.

We have a nearly 20-year track record of delivering compliance and expertise.

National Gas Emergency ServiceElectricity fault?

We’re fully accredited in multi-utility metering and multi-utility infrastructure construction and adoption.