Data-Driven Energy Efficiency

Data-Driven Energy Efficiency

We are transforming how we manage energy.

Our data services connect metering, monitoring, analytics and artificial intelligence. The application of data helps deliver optimal building energy efficiency – creating value by minimising costs and contributing to a lower carbon future.

The currency of sustainability

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Data Services
Data is the building block for energy efficiency. Our advanced AMR metering systems, along with SMETS2 smart meters, are transforming how private and public sector organisations manage their energy needs. As an accredited Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly Data Collector and Data Aggregator and Meter Operator we enable energy managers to set new efficiency benchmarks and reduce their carbon footprint.


Data is nothing without analytics. So, we have developed our secure WebAnalyser portal to convert gas, electricity and water meter data into meaningful and customisable reports. This includes the ability to set alarms to flag deviation from defined consumption parameters. We can also rank and compare multi-site efficiency and monitor carbon performance vs benchmarks. And there’s more, much more.

We harness the power artificial intelligence to model what optimal building energy performance looks like. Through AMR DNA, we are helping organisations, such as retailers, local authorities and universities, to analyse historic meter data to spot patterns of waste.

By combining automated meter reading with AI, energy managers can see the trends and actions they need to take to save energy and reduce cost.


Our Holistic Data Trail

Energy efficiency is a key pillar of government strategy for climate change and Net Zero. Our data services help organisations get under the skin of energy consumption – and turn it into meaningful action. The result is immediate financial and environmental gain.

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Fully Accredited

Energy Assets is a fully accredited multi-utility and metering services provider. At Energy Assets we meet the highest industry standards, codes and practices and hold multiple accreditations across a wide array of sectors. This ensures that all work that we carry out is of the highest quality and safety standards, always. Energy Assets puts a large emphasis on safety and wellbeing, and accreditation is a key part of this. Our aim to create and maintain an injury-free workplace for all of our employees is something we put into practice every day. We have the expertise and proven track record.

We bring value to our clients

Empowering Sustainability

Advanced metering for half hourly consumption data, enabling energy efficiency strategies.

Smart Analytics

WebAnalyser data portal provides customised insights across gas, electricity and water consumption.

AI Advantage

AMR DNA applies artificial intelligence to historic meter data, quickly identifying energy waste.

Automated Reading

Transforming the ability of organisations to measure energy consumption and control costs.

Fully Accredited

Authorised Data Collector and Data Aggregator, transmitting data to electricity supply companies.

Holistic Value

Data services connecting metering, monitoring, analytics and artificial intelligence for optimal customer value.

Success Stories

AMR DNA typical savings in gas are 35% and between 7.5% and 15% for power.

WebAnalyser uses aM&T technology which has energy usage saving of 4-20%, with average energy cost savings of 10-15%.

We collect nearly 10 million pieces of data from our data loggers on a daily basis.

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