Data AMR

Data AMR

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Get accurate half-hourly data with AMR and our sophisticated data tools.

Automated meter reading

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Automated meter reading (AMR) is a key enabler for collecting and analysing data that can inform energy efficiency for industry and commerce. Our advanced AMR and smart metering systems for gas, electricity and water will help you get the best possible value.

Get more accurate billing with our ASPCoP approved AMR solution – no more estimated or visual meter reads. It also delivers data that can significantly improve budgeting, forecasting and energy management.

Providing you with peace of mind

Multi-utility, meter-to-main proposition

We have extensive industry knowledge in multiple utilities, giving us a holistic view when it comes to your project.

Next-gen systems

We’re always innovating and investing in technology that’s scalable, future-proofed, and bespoke to the services we offer.

Market-leading data and analysis

We offer highly sophisticated data tools, including AI data processing, comprehensive dashboards and a reporting library. We can also provide full data validation, tolerance checks and alarms for unusual patterns.

AMR installation and support

Our in-house AMR installation team operates nationwide, supporting you on an ongoing basis through service level agreements. A dedicated account manager will oversee both the project rollout and data delivery throughout the installation.

Advanced metering technology

We pride ourselves on continually evolving and leading with technology advances and product development.

Our data loggers provide remote monitoring of energy consumption and play an integral role within our gas AMR service, while our electricity meters are fully AMR enabled through embedded logger functionality.

Our data services


Data can inform custom project reporting through our dynamic data portal WebAnalyser, which brings consumption data to life. You can drill down to individual sites, meters and profiles.

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For even greater insights, our artificial intelligence service AMR DNA interrogates historic meter data to identify patterns of energy waste.

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Fully accredited

Our advanced meters – and our accreditation as a Data Collector/Data Aggregator – make it easy to you to access half-hourly consumption.

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A proven track record

AMR DNA typical savings in gas are 35% and between 7.5% and 15% for power.

WebAnalyser uses aM&T technology which has energy usage savings of 4 –20%, with average energy cost savings of 10-15%.

Universities across Britain cut energy costs in buildings by as much as 30%.

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We’re fully accredited in multi-utility metering and multi-utility infrastructure construction and adoption.