Data AMR

Data AMR

The Value of Data

Automated meter reading (AMR) is a key enabler for collecting and analysing data that can inform energy efficiency for industry and commerce. At Energy Assets, our advanced AMR and smart metering systems for gas, electricity and water help end users extract best value from their services.

Optimising Data

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Our ASPCoP approved AMR solution not only means more accurate billing, it means an end to estimated or visual meter reads. It also delivers the data that can significantly improve budgeting, forecasting and energy management.

Our advanced meters – and our accreditation as a Data Collector/ Data Aggregator – make it easy to for businesses of every size to access half hourly consumption.

This data can inform bespoke project reporting through our dynamic web portal – WebAnalyser. This brings consumption data to life through comprehensive and customisable energy reports, for example to flag exceptions or track vs budgeted spend.

For even greater insights, an increasing number of end users – including large retailers and universities – are taking advantage of AMR DNA. This is our artificial intelligence service that interrogates historic meter data to identify patterns of energy waste.

In all cases, consumption data remains the property of the end user.

Installation & Support

Our in-house AMR installation team operates nationwide, with customers supported on an ongoing basis through service level agreements. A nominated account manager oversees both the project rollout and data delivery throughout the contract term.

Advanced Technology

As one of Britain’s leading AMR service providers, Energy Assets is ideally placed to continually evolve and lead technology advances and product development.

Our data loggers provide remote monitoring of energy data consumption and plays an integral role within our gas AMR service, whether it’s a simple diaphragm meter or a complex turbine installation.

Our electricity meters are fully AMR enabled through embedded logger functionality.

We’re also rolling our SMETS2 smart meters for micro businesses as replacements for ‘dumb’ meters. These automatically collect and transmit consumption data to a secure web portal, such as WebAnalyser.

Making Sense of Data

WebAnalyser captures consumption data from gas, electricity and water meters via automated meter reading technology and presents it within a single dashboard.

Our web portal is fully configurable, with a dashboard that visually highlights energy usage across a multi-utility portfolio. It allows energy managers to drill down to individual sites, meters and profiles.

Understanding usage allows easy identification of waste or overspend and allows savings to be tracked. Full data validation, tolerance checks and alarms provide immediate management information.

Making sense of data has never been so convenient.

Fully accredited

Energy Assets is a fully accredited multi-utility and metering services provider. At Energy Assets we meet the highest industry standards, codes and practices and hold multiple accreditations across a wide array of sectors. This ensures that all work that we carry out is of the highest quality and safety standards, always. Energy Assets puts a large emphasis on safety and wellbeing, and accreditation is a key part of this. Our aim to create and maintain an injury-free workplace for all of our employees is something we put into practice every day. We have the expertise and proven track record.

A proven track record

AMR DNA typical savings in gas are 35% and between 7.5% and 15% for power.

WebAlanyser uses aM&T technology which has energy usage savings of 4 –20%, with average energy cost savings of 10-15%.

We collect nearly 10 million pieces of data from our data loggers on a daily basis.

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