Our metering and data services

Our metering and data services

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Industry-leading partnerships
We’re trusted by energy suppliers, developers, contractors, and blue-chip end users to deliver fully accredited meter exchanges, upgrades, installations, removals, and disconnections. We operate across Britain, supported by our network of offices.

As an approved Meter Asset Manager (MAM) and Meter Operator (MOP), we own, operate, and maintain metering systems over their lifecycle. We complete 1,000s of metering installations and exchanges every year for our clients, from smart domestic meters to complex turbine installations.

With automated metering reading (AMR) and smart metering, you receive accurate half-hourly consumption data to better understand your energy usage and can benefit from our data services.

AMR metering offers:

  • accurate energy billing based on actual consumption
  • enhanced reporting
  • better data reporting to spot patterns and trends
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment compliance.

Our secure WebAnalyser portal converts data from gas, electricity, and water meters into meaningful, customisable reports. It can also set alarms to flag unusual patterns.

We also offer a sophisticated artificial intelligence tool that provides optimal energy performance. AMR DNA analyses historic meter data to spot waste patterns, so you can take corrective action.

Saving you time and money

Multi-utility, meter-to-main offer

We have extensive industry knowledge in multiple utilities, giving us a holistic view when it comes to your project.

National coverage

With regional offices across Britain, each with local knowledge and relationships, you can expect a responsive service.

Next-gen systems

We’re always innovating and investing in technology that’s scalable, future-proofed, and bespoke to the services we offer.

In-house teams

We regularly train and invest in our staff to ensure they’re equipped with the right technical skills and have a focus on customer service.

Robust supply chain

Our unique integrated model means a stronger supply chain, boosted by our long-standing relationships.

Transparent and competitive quotes

We’ll give you a full itemised breakdown so you can compare ‘apples with apples’, with no hidden costs.

A proven track record

We own, operate, and manage over 1,500,000 assets across Britain.

On average, we can help you to save up to 25% on gas and up to 15% on power.

We manage over 200,000 AMR devices.

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We’re fully accredited in multi-utility metering and multi-utility infrastructure construction and adoption.