Gas metering safety

Gas has a distinctive smell added so it can be quickly identified if something goes wrong. To report a gas emergency, call 0800 111 999 to speak to the Emergency Service Provider. They’ll give you detailed advice, including:

  • open doors and windows to dissipate the gas
  • avoid turning electrical switches on or off
  • don’t smoke
  • don’t use an open flame.

Since 2005, our Gas Safe Registered engineers have installed and maintained more than 250,000 new gas meters. This is all done in accordance with IGEM requirements to ensure they work safely and effectively.

Some meters (and related safety devices) are built to continue working efficiently without the need to disconnect and test them – i.e., less intrusive maintenance. However, some larger meters do require regular maintenance. This involves testing to confirm that they remain operational, even if they’ve not been running for years. This means the meter installation is effectively renewed whenever we do a maintenance visit.

Using the correct meter type isn’t just crucial for a safe installation, but also to ensure that the meter will record energy usage accurately.

By providing this service to your energy supplier, we make sure your meter will continue running safely.

Electricity metering safety

With our highly skilled engineers, technical support desk, and robust auditing regime – every meter installation is delivered to a high standard. We continually monitor and continuously improve our procedures to achieve zero harm and operational excellence.

If you experience a problem, please follow the steps below.

No power?

  • Check your trip switches and fuses in your fuse box.
  • Check if your neighbours have power.
  • Get in touch with your local operator by calling 105 .

In the event of an electrical emergency or power outage, please call 105 to be automatically directed to your local Distribution Network Operator. 105 is a free service, available in England, Scotland, and Wales.

If your electricity meter:

  • is damaged
  • smells of burning
  • shows signs of overheating

Please contact your energy supplier immediately – or call 105 .


National Gas Emergency ServiceElectricity fault?

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