Multi-Utility Consultancy

Multi-Utility Consultancy

No False Starts

No-one can afford to waste time or money. That’s why developers look to us for the expert consultancy services. We can help determine the optimal methodology for delivering multi-utilities on greenfield or brownfield sites.

Our Multi-Dimensional Offer

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How much gas and power do I need? Can I arrange all utilities through the same company? How can I make sure I get the most out of my existing utility network?

If you want answers, we can help. We work with landowners, consulting engineers, developers, building owners or specialists in utility procurement to provide expert technical support. It’s our job to make the planning and investigation process as straightforward as possible. So that utility networks are designed and constructed in a way that saves time and money.

Whether you need a feasibility study for a green plot of land ready for development or a site that needs uprating, our consultancy team can help.

Our expert team enables developers to make informed decisions about their utility requirements. Whether it’s gas, electricity or water – or all three – we advise on the best design and engineering approach for each project. No false starts. Right first time, all the time.

Technical Consultation and Feasibility Planning
Where’s the nearest point of connection? What are the likely costs of my project?

We do the feasibility planning and technical specifications to help get new build schemes off the ground.

If it’s a regeneration or redevelopment project, we can advise on the most cost-effective way to uprate utility loads and capacities – and then work with distribution network operators to make it happen.

All our work is fully accredited across gas (GIRS), electricity (NERS), and water (WIRS). So, whether it’s a residential scheme or a commercial and industrial project, you’re in safe hands.

Legal and Administrative Engagement
Need to liaise with highway agencies, councils or communities to manage local impact? We are experienced partners for this vital area of work, freeing up developers to concentrate on the bigger picture.

National Coverage
We operate across Britain through a network of 10 offices, so we are always close to our customers, no matter where they are based. This underpins our commitment to responsive service.

Project management

We make it easy for our customers to do business with us. Our flexible project management processes provide a single point of contact covering all design, construction and connection requirements. We also take care of legal and administrative engagement with all parties.

In short, we act as a single provider for multi-utilities, owning every aspect of the project, delivering peace of mind along with high quality outcomes.

We focus on the fast, cost-effective execution of projects. This begins with a rapid turnaround of quotations and extends to the timely delivery of survey, design and construction phases.

Fully Accredited

Energy Assets is a fully accredited multi-utility and metering services provider. At Energy Assets we meet the highest industry standards, codes and practices and hold multiple accreditations across a wide array of sectors. This ensures that all work that we carry out is of the highest quality and safety standards, always. Energy Assets puts a large emphasis on safety and wellbeing, and accreditation is a key part of this. Our aim to create and maintain an injury-free workplace for all of our employees is something we put into practice every day. We have the expertise and proven track record.

A proven track record

Energy Assets has been operating in the utilities industry for over 22 years through organic growth and company acquisition.

Coverage across Great Britain.

Regional offices/depots across Britain, allowing us to provide national customer coverage.

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