Stakeholder relations policy

Stakeholder relations policy

This policy provides guidelines for our relations with our key stakeholders. Helping to boost stakeholder engagement, encourage good governance and remove any communication barriers.

Our stakeholder relations commitment

Encourage an inclusive and synergic culture
We’ll promote a culture where the views of all stakeholders are listened to, considered and respected.

Ensure open and informative communications
We’ll establish and maintain formal and informal stakeholder communications channels to foster open, continuous and constructive dialogue.

Maintain robust feedback mechanisms
We’ll formally and informally seek key stakeholder feedback on a frequent basis on key topics.

Facilitating effective stakeholder relations through our core values

The above commitments are enshrined in our core values of ‘Respect’ and ‘Integrity’, as outlined in this diagram.

These core values were fostered through extensive workshops and feedback from a wide range of colleagues throughout our business.

Our customer statement

Customers are the focal point of everything we do – satisfied customers are the foundation for long-term growth and profitability.

Excellence is also one of our core values. This means we should aim to consistently deliver superior service with exceptional quality and value for our customers – every time.

We see it as our responsibility to be a constructive and where possible long-term partner for our customers – recognising we can make a difference for and together with our customers in helping them to achieve their sustainability ambitions.

Our colleague statement

We promote a culture where the views of all colleagues are listened to, considered and respected. We’ve established and are committed to maintaining formal and informal colleague communications channels to foster open, continuous and constructive dialogue. We formally and informally seek colleague feedback on a frequent basis on key topics and engage with colleagues or their appointed Colleague Representatives to inform Group wide decision making wherever possible.

Our supplier statement

We aim to be a trusted, long-term partner to our suppliers, focused on driving and supporting sustainable and ethical progress throughout out supply chain.

Our shareholders / banks / auditors statement

We’ll communicate with our shareholders, banks and auditors openly, adequately and with integrity at all times.

Our regulators / industry bodies / peers statement

We collaborate proactively with other industry participants to provide shared solutions for our customers and society at large – working within the guidelines set out within our anti-trust / competitions policy

We’ll be a transparent, collaborative and credible partner, and a trustworthy and responsible representative of the sector.

We’ll also be accessible, and aim to build and maintain long-standing, professional relations.

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