Gas Network Ownership

Gas Network Ownership

Final Mile Gas Networks

Energy Assets Pipelines is an Ofgem regulated Independent Gas Transport, working closely with house builders, developers, major construction companies and Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIP’s). We own and manage final mile gas networks that supply new residential housing schemes and commercial property developments.

We work closely with house builders, developers, major construction companies and Utility Infrastructure Providers. As an IGT we are able to adopt any network operating at 7 bar and below across the UK distribution network.

Our networks are usually directly connected to the major Gas Distribution Networks from where we transport gas through our network to each connected building. We maintain high quality gas networks and ensure gas is safely provided to our customers.

Flexible Approach
We have built a portfolio comprising thousands of domestic connection points, but one of our key success factors has been our flexible approach to asset types.

We are also an Ofgem-accredited Meter Asset Manager, meaning that we can supply SMETS2 smart gas meters to UIPs and own, operate and manage them as assets. This adds an additional layer of service to our customer base.

Network Support
In addition to providing asset values for networks, we also have a team of inhouse technical designers ready to work with UIPs, housebuilders and developers to establish and implement best practice design and installation protocols for final mile gas networks.

We also provided legal support to handle land rights, which can dramatically shorten utility network adoption timelines. However, this service depends on rules that apply in each country.

We’re Also a MAM
Energy Assets Pipelines is authorised to own gas meter assets and supply them to housebuilders and contractors – offering utility infrastructure providers (UIPs) greater flexibility and control over the scheduling of meter connections in the final stages of gas network construction.

This arrangement shortens supply chains for UIPs, enabling them to schedule smart gas meter installations seamlessly within the construction process. We achieved accreditation following a rigorous Meter Asset Manager Code of Practice (MAMCoP) audit.

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