What to expect on meter exchange day

What to expect on meter exchange day

Info we need in advance

Before we exchange your meter, please let us know:

  • the address for where the current meter is
  • who our engineer should speak to on the day and their phone number/email address
  • if the meter’s easily accessible – if it’s more than two metres above the ground – if we need a key/code to access it
  • if there are any appliances above the meter, such as overhead heaters that’ll need to be re-lit
  • if we need any more authorisation, or if there are any site security procedures we’ll need to be aware of
  • any other special requirements to be done before we visit, e.g. work permits, method statements, risk assessments
  • if there’s parking available for a transit-sized vehicle or public parking nearby
  • if you’re aware of any asbestos onsite.

Please also email us a photo of the meter with the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) in the subject line. If it’s a gas meter, we’ll also need a photo of the pipework.

Preparing for installation day

Before we arrive, please:

  • remove any obstacles to the meter and provide a ladder if necessary
  • have the asbestos register ready for our engineer if you’re aware on asbestos onsite
  • your IT/operations department know that power will be switched off for about 15-20 minutes if we’re exchanging an electricity meter
  • switch off and unplug all electrical equipment and have support phone numbers, security codes and passwords available before the power is out.

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