Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS)

Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS)

Reforming the UK's energy industry

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Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) aims to reform the way electricity is accounted for and used at an industry wide level, to create a smarter and more flexible energy sector that can help achieve Net Zero. From December 2026 the industry must submit half-hourly (HH) data to Ofgem.

By leveraging the HH consumption data from smart meters, end users will be able to reconcile the amount of electricity supplied with the actual demand from customers, all on a HH basis.

HH data will help:

  1. energy suppliers to better predict energy demands
  2. the UK to incorporate renewable energy sources into the grid.

As Britain’s largest meter asset manager and data services provider we’re expertly placed to support our customers and industry to implement the MHHS programme. We’re here to provide a full service and data solution to ensure full compliance.

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Our approach to delivering MHHS

We’ve been heavy involved with the MHHS program since its inception. We’ve been able to develop an inhouse flexible solution that can evolve and grow alongside the MHHS programmes requirements and timeline. Industry participants need to be ready to implement the MHHS programme and we’re here to make sure you’re compliant.

Our dedicated team of industry experts will ensure that we’re not only compliant with the MHHS programme requirements but have the best possible offering for customers. This industry specialist team will support you beyond implementation, ensuring continued alignment and ongoing compliance.

We’re revising and developing our internal processes to ensure that they align with the MHHS programme requirements. We view MHHS as an extension of the metering and data services that we’ve provided for nearly two decades.

By utilising our already resilient and robust systems architecture, our data services team alongside key third party suppliers, are developing a scalable and secure Data Integration Platform (DIP) to facilitate data migration ready for our MHHS rollout.

Project timeline

The MHHS programme deadline for full transition to smart meters is December 2026, with the program being critical in supporting a cost-effective decarbonisation of the UK’s energy sector.

Testing and development

We’ve fully completed initial integration testing and our processes and critical systems are developed. The functional testing is set out by the MHHS programme over the next 18 months is now well underway.

Data migration

We’ll be in position to help you migrate and cleanse your data – ready for the programme launch.

Programme launch

We’re expertly placed to assist energy suppliers to meet the deadline of transitioning to MHHS, and make sure you’re is ready and compliant on time.

More benefits of MHHS

Benefit to suppliers.

• Reduce the cost to serve your customers.
• Meet your customer’s net zero objectives.
• Provide tailored tariffs to your customers.
• Enables a smoother and more accurate settlement process.


Benefit to end users.

• More precise billing.
• Near real time energy usage.
• Potentially cost-saving incentives for off-peak usage.

MHHS Deadline

Benefit to consumers

Compliance to MHHS

Are you ready for MHHS?

If you want more information about our MHHS services, or your ready to start the the process of MHHS compliance, Talk to our team.

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Head of Commercial Metering
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