How / when do I pay for Utility Networks Services i.e. a new gas connection etc?
How do I return Energy Assets equipment?
How do I read my smart meter?

How / when do I pay for Utility Networks services?

If you’d like to proceed with the quotation, you’ll need to complete the acceptance document and return it to: utilitynetworks@energyassets.co.uk. Payment can be made by cheque, BACS or CHAPS. Payment is generally required in advance of any works being undertaken.


How do I return Energy Assets equipment?

When replacing Energy Assets Ltd equipment there is a duty on the incoming MAM to notify Energy Assets Ltd of the whereabouts of the meter (and associated installation components) and its availability for collection within one month of the meter installation being removed. Such notifications are to be sent to:


We would ask that you provide the following information as a minimum (preferably in spreadsheet form):

  1. Date Notification sent
  2. MPRN
  3. MSN
  4. Date removed
  5. OAMI that did removal
  6. Collection address
  7. Contact Name
  8. Contact Number

We would also like to draw your attention to the requirements under the MAMCOP to ensure that:

  • Where appropriate removed meters/installation components are purged,
  • Inlet and outlet connections are appropriately sealed (to prevent ingress of air, dirt or moisture)
  • Where appropriate, any oil present in meters is drained and disposed of in accordance with current environmental legislation,
  • Removed meters are stored and transported in the same orientation as when installed and used,
  • Removed meters and installation components are held in secure, weatherproof storage pending our response and collection/delivery of the assets,
  • Meters and associated installation components are to be handled with care and returned without damage or degradation.

When discussing collection/delivery, please can you (or your OAMI): 

  1. Confirm that the meters and ALL associated equipment have been removed from service and are still in your possession,
  2. Provide a list of the equipment being returned with each meter,
  3. Make arrangements for the Energy Assets Ltd assets to be made ready for collection/delivery.

For your convenience with the above, we have provided the attached Dispatch Note template.

download icon   EAL Removed asset OAMI dispatch note 20170310 (ZIP / XLSX)

Under the Ofgem MAMCOP when replacing  meter installations the incoming MAM is obliged to remove ALL of the existing meter installation from service.

In the event that ANY existing pipework, fittings or adapters are retained for the purpose of connecting to the consumer’s system and service pipe, the incoming MAM accepts FULL responsibility for the suitability of any retained components and their ongoing maintenance. Where such existing pipework, fittings or adapters are retained or where meters and associated equipment are returned in a damaged condition Energy Assets Ltd reserves the right to make a charge.


How do I read my smart meter?

As well as continually measuring and transmitting data to the electricity supply companies, a Smart Meter has a large number of features to provide end users with detailed information about their electricity supply including;

  • Date
  • Time
  • Tariff (Standard Settlement Configuration - SSC)
  • Total Billing Energy Consumption
  • Individual Rate consumptions for consumers on multi rate tariffs
  • Power Factor
  • Maximum Demand
  • Billing reset Information 

This information can be accessed on the LCD display using the ‘Select’ button on the front of the meter. The exact make and model of your meter will be clearly shown on the front of the device.

We have provided instruction booklets for different meter types should you require further help.

download icon   EDMI Mk 10 Electricity Meter (PDF)

download icon   EDMI Mk 7c Electricity Meter (PDF)

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