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Settlement Metering, Meter Operator (MOP), Data Collector and Data Aggregator (DC/DA)



Settlement Metering

Electricity metering technology provides accurate, energy consumption information. We read meters remotely via GPRS/GSM and ZigBee communications.

We can provide up to the moment accurate data from any meter at anytime.



The Benefits of Smart Metering Include:

  • Accurate electricity billing
  • Enhanced control of consumption and ability to spot patterns & trends
  • The information and data required to manage energy consumption
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment compliance
  • Understand how and where energy is being used
  • Measure the effectiveness of carbon reduction strategies




Once EA has replaced your existing ‘dumb’ meter with an OFGEM certified Smart Meter, as an accredited DC/DA, we can collect and send data through the Electricity Industry Data Transfer Network.

The data produced by your electricity meter is owned by you and your business. It does not belong to the energy network, it does not belong to your energy supplier, it’s yours. Therefore you can have access to the data recorded by the meter – you just have to know the right people who can provide it to you and appoint them officially to act on your behalf.



ELEXON is vital to the smooth operation of the wholesale electricity market.



The Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement (MOCOPA®) is an agreement between Electricity Distributors and Electricity Meter Operators.


P272 and P322 Solutions

P272 is a piece of OFGEM legislation requiring all maximum demand meters (Profile Class 05-08) that have an AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) meter fitted to be settled on actual Half Hourly (HH) consumption data.

P322 is an amendment to the implementation of these regulations that changed the timescales.

We can help you comply with P272 legislation.

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