Gas safety – safety first, safety always

Gas safety – safety first, safety always

From chip shops to steel works, care homes to hospitals, when our industrial and commercial (I&C) gas meter customers need expert support, we’ll be there, 24/7.

Every month, our Gas Emergency Team handles around 130 calls from customers or their energy providers to resolve a gas-related issue. These incidents vary from accidental meter damage or a pressure query to restoration of supply. Whatever the remedial action or repair required, our engineers possess the qualifications and competences to put it right.

When they receive a call, our Emergency Team provide immediate safety information and then consult with our Technical Support Desk to assess the situation. The aim is for an Engineer to attend site within four hours of an urgent call to restore supply. Priority is always given to organisations working with vulnerable people, such as hospitals and care homes.

Critically, this emergency support is available 24/7, thanks to a specialist out-of-hours team staffed by experienced and highly qualified Engineers.

“What sets Energy Assets apart is our process for ensuring that every job is automatically assigned to an engineer with the correct qualifications and skills for any given scenario,” said Gillian Brady, Gas Emergency Team Manager. “We operate a competency matrix in real time, so whether the job involves working on a small diaphragm meter or repairing a large intermediate pressure meter installation, we can immediately assign the right Engineer for any situation.”

This process also ensures that Engineer qualifications are monitored and renewed in a timely fashion.

Says Gillian: “For us gas safety is our focus every minute of every day of the year. This culture is embedded throughout our organisation, and particularly among Engineers who undergo constant monitoring of their competences, enhanced technical training and regular toolbox talks.”

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