Noticed our new look? We’re in the process of refreshing our branding…

Noticed our new look? We’re in the process of refreshing our branding…

Why now?

Our business has experienced significant growth in recent years – evolving into the leading, nationwide, utilities infrastructure and asset ownership organisation we are today.

Our new look harmonises our historic group brands, bringing them in line with today’s structure and providing clarity on our core operations of:

  • innovative metering and data services
  • future proofed network construction and ownership solutions.

What’s new?

Our customers tell us that the Energy Assets brand name is well established and trusted, so it remains in place to reflect our near two decades of market heritage. For the same reason, the core components of our logos remain, with some refinements to improve consistency across our brands.

Sam Wright, Head of Brand, Marketing & Communications said, “Our new brand architecture and the further brand refinements you’ll see over the coming months will enable us to better articulate how our end-to-end, ‘meter to main’, multi-utility propositions serve our customers. And how we can help them to achieve their net-zero ambitions, using ground-breaking technology, data analytics and dynamic processes.”

Dave Taylor, our Chief Executive Officer said “Our vision is to be the leading UK provider of multi-utility solutions in our core markets, delivering efficiency, innovation and value to all stakeholders. This new branding underlines our business’ success to date, and sets out our stall to achieve further accelerated and targeted growth.”

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We’re fully accredited in multi-utility metering and multi-utility infrastructure construction and adoption.