Fibre services

Fibre services

Fibre-to-the-home is the fourth utility, often ranking alongside electricity, gas and water for importance among households.

We all understand that we are increasingly connected, whether at home or at work. For business or pleasure.

Helping homeowners to ‘go digital’

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Energy Assets has developed a specialist business – Energy Assets Fibre Networks – to help homeowners ‘go digital’ as soon as they move in to their new home. We work with house builders and ICPs to ensure that fibre services are pre-installed and ready for use – just switch on.

Our deep partnership with Grain Connect provides a 1,000MB fibre broadband solution. We manage connection so households don’t need to. No more unnecessary delays to powering digital devices.

We offer an asset ownership model that comprises:

  • Ownership of infrastructure, ducts, fibre and Point of Presence (“POP”) installation
  • Acquisition of a suitable fibre backhaul connection
  • Design of the fibre network
  • Operation and maintenance of the fibre infrastructure on a long-term lease basis
  • Management of interface for maintenance

Every aspect of our work is underpinned by industry-approved design, with dedicated business development managers supporting our developer and construction partners every step of the way.

From installation to completion, we’re read to be the boost behind your fibre-to-the-home projects.

We bring value to our clients

Specialist Operator

Ownership and management of broadband networks in step with future-focused utility adoption strategy.

Digital Utility

Ultra-fast fibre-to-the-home connectivity for new build housing, enabled for immediate usage.

Developer Benefit

High quality network provision and maintenance, enhancing marketing offer for housebuilders.

Powerful Partnerships

Long term commercial relationships with leading broadband providers for user peace-of-mind.

Project Management

Dedicated business support for housebuilders, developers and construction partners.

Professional Services

In-house planning and legal expertise to accelerate project delivery.

A proven track record

Fibre connections

Energy Assets and Energy Assets Utilities are accredited for multiple ISO accreditations.

Energy Assets was formed in 2005 and we’ve continued to grow,expand and diverge into all energy sectors since our launch

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