Our industry accredited meter installation service provides developers with expert connection support covering gas, electricity and water. As an approved Meter Asset Manager, we also supply and maintain meter systems over their entire lifecycles.

Metering Solutions for Every Development

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We complete thousands of meter connections every year. So, whether it’s a smart domestic meter or a complex turbine installation for an industrial setting, we can help.

Advanced Technology
From advanced I&C AMR (automated meter reading) and large-scale meters to smart SMETS2 meters for households and micro business, we’re at the forefront of connection design and installation. We’re trusted by major energy suppliers, developers, contractors and blue chip end users to deliver fully accredited meter connections.

Meter Removals & Disconnections
We manage all the necessary arrangements for meter removals, including the cap of the supply feeder pipework downstream of the Emergency Control Valve (ECV). We also remove or alter downstream pipework, if required.

For meter service alterations or disconnections, we manage the process from start to finish.

Whether it’s gas, electricity or water, sub-metering can be an incredibly valuable way to better understand energy consumption…and save money. For larger single site operations – such as offices, industrial plants or hospitals – sub-metering delivers the ability to monitor energy usage by floorplate or function. It also enables the collection of data important in fulfilling obligations linked to carbon reduction and the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme.

In multi-occupancy settings, such as retail centres, service stations or transport hubs, sub-metering enables energy costs to be apportioned based on consumption rather than on a broader measure such as footprint.

In all cases, the data collected through sub-metering can be automatically transmitted to our WebAnalyser secure portal, where customers can monitor and analyse their energy performance.

Complex Projects
We employ a highly qualified team of specialist engineers to design and deliver innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions for complex metering projects, including housings.

Our accredited in-house design, fabrication, installation and commissioning services benefit from 3D CAD modelling.

Safety First…Safety Always

Safety is key to our success. It is inherent in all that we do to protect our people, customers and the environment. We never compromise.

We always put safety first and hold numerous industry accreditations and memberships to meet our obligations across multiple regulated sectors. We are dedicated to upholding the highest Health and Safety standards.

Fully Accredited

Energy Assets is a fully accredited multi-utility and metering services provider. At Energy Assets we meet the highest industry standards, codes and practices and hold multiple accreditations across a wide array of sectors. This ensures that all work that we carry out is of the highest quality and safety standards, always. Energy Assets puts a large emphasis on safety and wellbeing, and accreditation is a key part of this. Our aim to create and maintain an injury-free workplace for all of our employees is something we put into practice every day. We have the expertise and proven track record.

A proven track record

We own operate and manage over 1,500,000 assets across Great Britain.

Energy Assets and Energy Assets Utilities are accredited for multiple ISO accreditations.

We’ve been operating in utilities for 20 years.

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