Talking with our apprentices for Scottish Apprenticeship Week

Talking with our apprentices for Scottish Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeships and training programmes are seeing a resurgence in recent years and are growing in popularity across all professional sectors and industries – and for good reason. They’re great for getting your foot in the door for career development in your chosen field and beyond, but they’re also great for career changes.

We’ve been running successful apprenticeships and training programmes at Energy Assets for a number of years now… 

What it’s like to be one of our apprentices or trainees

Our apprentices and trainees can expect to experience real working conditions in a fast-growing business at the heart of an industry that’s constantly evolving. From their first day they’ll receive robust and comprehensive training allowing them to start working on real-life projects with real responsibilities. We’re proud to say that there are many benefits to becoming an apprentice or trainee with us, including:

  1. Earn while learning – We reward our apprentices and trainees with a solid pay and benefits package that far exceeds the norm.
  2. Receiving recognised qualifications – We work closely with our chosen training providers to ensure that the qualifications available are recognised and renowned.
  3. Gaining independence – Our apprentices and trainees are encouraged to grow their confidence by working on individual projects where applicable and taking ownership of their workloads.
  4. Receiving personalised and ongoing support – We support our apprentices and trainees with an unparalleled support network of knowledgeable and expert colleagues, line managers, mentors and our training partners, making sure they are never left feeling alone.
  5. Gaining real work experience – Our apprentices and trainees work on live projects in real time, giving them genuine work experience in a professional environment.
  6. Developing existing skills and acquiring new ones – Our apprentices and trainees are given the opportunity to flourish in their chosen field by utilising all the skills they’ll already possess, as well as be supported through learning and developing new ones.
  7. Excellent progression opportunities and improved employability – We ensure that our apprentices and trainees have all the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to progress and develop.

We’ve invited two of our current colleagues, including one current and one completed apprentice to tell you a little bit more about their experiences.

“My experience at Energy Assets has been really positive. This was my first ever job out of school, so I was a bit intimidated about entering the workforce at 16, but everyone at EA has been so supportive.

My only criticism would be that the course I was allocated to doesn’t seem to fully relate to my role as a CAD technician, which is a niche industry in itself, although I’m learning many transferable skills. I think that it’s important that businesses offering apprenticeships ensure that their apprentices are placed in courses that are fully relevant to someone’s chosen career path going forward.

However, this hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm – I love my team and I’ve made good friends and colleagues – I look forward to working in other areas of Energy Assets in the future too as there are so many varied roles I can choose from.”

 – Mischa Robinson, Apprentice CAD Technician

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained during the course of my apprenticeship with Energy Assets. By completing an apprenticeship, it’s allowed me to gain valuable skills both through my modules with APT Training and the on-the-job learning with my employer. This has allowed me to gain industry-recognised qualifications.

Energy Assets supported me through the course of my apprenticeship by having meetings with HR to track my progress and also through the valuable discussions with my line manager, the valuable lesson from which I will take with me for many years of my career.

I’m fortunate that I’ve been given the opportunity to further my studies thanks to Energy Assets.”

 – Olivia Humphries, Paralegal

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