David Sing

David Sing

Group Managing Director - (Assets)

David is the Group Managing Director (Assets) with over 30 years’ experience working in the electricity and gas industry, which began as an Electronics Engineer design engineer in 1988. Since then he has worked in the utility metering industry fulfilling a variety of roles from Energy Product Manager, Worldwide Sales Manager, Business Development to senior management including a board role.

David has gained considerable knowledge and experience resulting in a number of promotions including Managing Director of Bglobal Metering Ltd which was acquired by Energy Assets in April 2014 leading the team ensuring that Bglobal was a profitable business.

David joined Energy Assets in 2013 as Business Development Manager and has played a leading role in the development of the Group’s electricity metering business. Since December 2017 David has had the role of Group Managing Director at Energy Assets and is well placed to lead Energy Assets’ strategic development of the gas and electricity metering operations as he’s always looking for opportunities to facilitate efficiencies, collaboration and partnerships. He manages a team of over 350+ staff across operations, field and back office support and has accountability for all gas and electricity metering activities and associated data services together with responsibility for Network assets.

His successful track record of delivering growth, restructuring operations and teams an introducing new systems and procedures has contributed to Energy Assets growth on time and on budget whilst maintaining excellent standards of health and safety and customer satisfaction.

As a member of the Group Executive Board, David is also responsible for ensuring that Energy Assets is fully aligned to the achievement of the Group’s objectives, achieving the goals set out in the business plan whilst ensuring adherence to purpose and values, policies and procedures.

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