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Energy Assets has a fully end to end solution for both fiscal and submetering water requirements.  We can design your water supply with our fully accredited Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) design team, including pipe sizing, connections and automated meter reading (AMR) technology to deliver consumption data to empower your water saving initiatives.

Energy Assets offers a full water audit service - send us 12 months of bills and we will provide a report to validate your charges or identify savings / leakage issues.

We work alongside major energy suppliers and partner with some of the country’s biggest brands and best-known public sector and industrial and commercial organisations as experts in designing, installing and operating advanced smart meters both for them and their customers. They look to us for advanced metering services, automated data collection, analytics and utility network services to help optimise gas, water and electricity consumption.

Whether you are a sole trader, SME, corporate, large industrial user or from the public sector you can talk directly to us for your water metering needs.

Energy Assets delivers a complete suite of services for water suppliers and end users including:

  • Connection design and construction
  • Metering and Submetering installations
  • Data collection for billing and settlements
  • Analysis tools which help customers make informed decisions on energy usage and save money via AMR DNA and WebAnalsyer

Energy Assets also offers a range of energy management and data services to give businesses the tools they need to understand and manage their carbon consumption.

This includes WebAnalyser which captures data from gas and electricity meters and presents it within a single dashboard covering consumption for each utility. And AMR DNA, an AI driven data processing tool providing cost saving opportunities for energy management which is ideal for the Industrial & Commercial sector and customers who have multi-site portfolios with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). In essence, we empower our clients with robust consumption data that underpins their energy strategies.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Energy Assets can connect to water company fiscal meters and deliver 30 minute day+1 resolution data into our AMR DNA and WebAnalyser platforms. Our water metering technology eradicates the need for inaccurate estimating billing and provides 100% accurate, real time energy consumption information. Whether you are a sole trader, SME, corporate, large industrial user or from the public sector you can talk directly to us for your water metering needs.


Water Utility Networks

Energy assets designs and installs utility networks and associated site infrastructure. We provide design and undertake the project management, design, construction and connection to water networks for both fiscal and submetering applications. We provide engineering solutions that are tailored to meet both developers and end-user requirements, both in terms of overall design and timescales.


Why work with us?

Accredited Energy Assets is an accredited WIRS (Water Industry Registration Scheme) accredited design and project management company, our aim is to ensure your compliance with appropriate legislation and safety throughout.
End to End
End to End We are the leading multi-utility metering provider that can offer a full end to end Design, Install, Manage, Collect, Analyse and Control services for gas, water and electricity. As a fully integrated network asset owner we provide data provision and analytics from mains to metering.
People & Expertise
People & Expertise We have a proven track record with a longstanding reputation for delivery against contracted Service Level Agreements. Our technical experience and know-how ensures we provide UK wide engineering support to customers and the supply chain. Our employees are experienced and knowledgeable – experts in their own fields.
Supply Chain
Supply Chain We have an integrated model ensuring availability of materials and efficiency of deployment. Our strong relationship with energy suppliers, end users and supply partners ensures a hassle free metered electricity supply delivery. Our team understand metering and we provide you with a digital platform that tracks, manages and complies with legislation and your energy strategies.

Multi-Utility Services

If you need complementary utilities such as electricity, water or telecomms please visit our Multi-Utility section to find out how we can help. Energy Assets Utilities is a division of Energy Assets that will deliver utility network services, incorporating utility pipework design and install before and beyond the meter.

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