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Water submetering and audit services.


Submetering of water supplies

For most Industrial and commercial customers the simplest way to get consumption data is to install a submeter on the incoming water pipe supply within your property. Energy Assets are accredited to provide this Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) approved design for self lay. Our service is fully AMR ready to ensure we supply the data you need to monitor usage.

Installing submetering removes the redtape of connecting to the water supply companies water meter and puts you in control.

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Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS)

A technical assessment for contestable works associated with the installation of water infrastructure

The three step approach to water savings and efficiencies. Delivered to the desktop so clients can concentrate on delivering their commitments to bottom line profit and energy strategies that make the difference.

Understand Free Bill Analysis
Implement Sub-metering, leakage identification and repair
Validate Ongoing analysis, control & validation


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