National Underground Asset Register pilot project completes

The safety and efficiency of construction works across the London boroughs is set to significantly improve following the completion of a pilot project to digitise the underground electricity cables and gas pipelines. We won grant funding from the Government’s Geospatial […]

Why domestic heat is today’s hot topic for developers

By Steven McGill, Head of Gas Networks, Energy Assets Gas Networks Is there a future for natural gas heating? It’s a question exercising many housebuilders as they survey an energy landscape in transition. We know the vision for transforming Britain […]

Enabling greener, cleaner homes through local network innovation

By Jayson Whitaker, Business Development Director, Networks and Construction. June 2022 will usher in a significant milestone in the rollout of the (recently renamed) Future Homes and Building Standard (FHBS) – a central plank in government plans to decarbonise the […]

Smarter Local Load Management for Greener New Homes

A dynamic load management system capable of sharing green energy is being rolled out across a local power network serving a housing development near Glasgow. In a UK first, granular capacity data provided by network owner Energy Assets Networks (EAN) […]

Dave Taylor

Dave joined Energy Assets in April 2022 from Calisen Group, where he fulfilled dual roles as Calisen Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Lowri Beck Services. He brings over 25 years’ experience in construction and utilities to the […]

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