WebAnalyser – The Energy Portal Transforming Measurement and Control

WebAnalyser has been developed by Britain’s leading independent metering services business to provide fast and easy access to customised data covering gas, electricity and water usage – and, uniquely, will include the ability to control and switch electrical loads from within the same browser environment.

The portal is already monitoring many thousands of meter points across Britain’s industrial and commercial landscape, enabling energy managers to analyse multi-utility consumption data across their entire portfolio -  from complex multiple sites down to individual meters at a single site level. Customers can customise dashboards to access key data quickly, showing total consumption, specified time periods, cost centres, best and worst performing sites, CO2 output and much more, using around 20 pre-configured reports.

The system also enables customers to collect and analyse profile data unique to their business in order to compare consumption patterns across sites and identify opportunities for improvement. Alarms can also be set to help alert energy managers and consumers to energy wastage.

James Braddock _ analyst“WebAnalyser provides energy managers with complete visibility of every facet of multi-utility consumption in just a few easy clicks, ” says James Braddock, Energy Analyst at Energy Assets. “Our onboard analytics enable industrial and commercial users to understand the critical factors affecting their energy consumption easier than ever before – and when we add the ability to control electrical loads from the same dashboard, the combined effect enables significant efficiency gains for organisations using the full functionality.”

The control element of WebAnalyser is driven through the company’s LYNKswitch technology, which can be integrated with electrical devices to enable remote switching.

“So, for example, it will be possible to control lighting, heating or individual devices automatically or on demand using the WebAnalyser portal. Just imagine the positive effect on energy efficiency of being able both to monitor and then control high consuming loads in offices, retail environments, hospitals, industrial units or public sector buildings. It’s a very exciting development for our customers and for the wider energy landscape.”