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Your problem:

Too much data, not enough time to analyse it, a need to take control and a desire to save money.

Your solution:

AMR DNA - an AI driven data processing tool which provides tailored recommendations.


Introducing AMR DNA - a highly-sophisticated energy AI data processing tool offered by Energy Assets and powered by kWIQly data analytics.

AMR DNA is an AI tool that gathers and processes AMR data to identify inefficiencies in energy consumption and provide money-saving recommendations.

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 What is AMR DNA?

Most Commercial & Industrial buildings have Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) which enables valuable insights on energy use. Multi-site portfolios have too much data to evaluate regularly requiring skilled data experts. The product answer is AMR DNA.

AMR DNA is a highly-sophisticated energy AI data processing tool offered by Energy Assets and powered by kWIQly data analytics. AMR DNA progressively ‘learns’ optimal energy performance using innovative AI technology to provide cost saving energy management through tailored recommendations.

  • Do you wish to cut energy costs?
  • Do you have overwhelming data volumes?
  • Do you have a complex and time consuming manual forensic analysis process?
  • Do you wish to save staff time and energy overheads?
  • Do you wish to deliver climate change solutions?
  • Do you have over-heating and/or over-cooling issues?

If you answered yes to any of the above then AMR DNA may be able to enhance your energy management expertise. We have found that, on average, typical saving opportunities are 25% in gas and up to 15% in power.

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How does AMR DNA work?

As a building uses energy, a number of ‘fingerprints’ unique to its operation emerge. Some of these fingerprints give evidence of specific problems – we see these as savings opportunities. Energy meter data is collected automatically every half hour and then interrogated by AMR DNA which actively searches incoming AMR / smart metering consumption data using AI pattern recognition to identify issues with technology that continues to learn enriching the ongoing insights and diagnosis.

Using this information, AMR DNA ‘learns’ the optimum ‘model’ by taking account of multiple variables such as weather conditions, Day Light Saving Time, and hours of operation to name a few. The system uses pattern recognition to scan over 50 KPI’s to map the consumption profile and identifies anomalies, inefficiencies and practical tailored recommendations. The entirely automated method monitors the outcomes of recommended actions and presents the data in an easy to use and optimised workflow process.

In comparison to other energy efficiency tools which only offer data visualisation, AMR DNA provides deep dive data analytics to provide answers whilst using pattern recognition to monitor your day to day Energy consumption. By analysing the data in this way, any wasted energy hiding in plain sight is identified, and energy managers are automatically alerted to the required corrective action. Once implemented, AMR DNA drives quantifiable returns via multiple processes including:

  • Carbon and energy waste reduction which leads to improved productivity
  • Provision of an early alert system which reduces risk
  • Improved forecasting and an enhanced buying process

Who is AMR DNA for?

Companies across Britain are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help transform their energy efficiency, improve their carbon footprint and reduce their operating costs. AMR DNA can be implemented across a large variety of businesses and industries as it perceives, learns, diagnoses and recommends based on a number of variables.

Using these dynamic models, AMR DNA applies pattern recognition to "flag" energy waste events – for example when lighting and heating systems fail to adjust to Daylight Saving Time.

AMR DNA also adapts to changes in store operation, for example where new freezer equipment is installed or if the site moves to 24-hour operation. This means that only events outside the new ‘normal’ are flagged. This makes it perfect for use in:

  • Public sector Local Authorities such as hospitals and education establishments
  • Large retail / SME chains
  • Wholesalers
  • Hospitality industry such as hotels
  • Leisure industry such as pubs, restaurants, gyms
  • Office chains
  • Property Management
  • And more!

In fact almost any company that has a chain of premises irrespective of different sizes and usage can see benefit from AMR DNA.

But don't just take our word for it.


The London borough of Merton identified energy waste valued at £25,000 within just 15 minutes of employing a AMR DNA. Now the council is applying the technology across its real estate portfolio, not only to prevent energy waste, but also to leverage continuous data analytics to ensure each building management system ‘learns’ what best energy performance looks like.

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Universities across Britain are to start employing AMR DNA in a bid to cut energy costs in buildings by as much as 30 per cent. A pilot scheme involving Anglia Ruskin, Bath, Bristol, Newcastle, Regents and York universities will mine smart-meter data using AI to identify energy waste, improve efficiency and cut costs.

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The Co-Op saw a huge return on investment after implementing AMR DNA. Over a three-month trial the Central England Co-operative project generated a 206% ROI by identifying and eradicating energy waste and implementing evidence-based efficiency strategies.

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Customer testimonials:

Thanks again for providing the AMR DNA assessment report. This type of analysis is very useful as it is so time consuming for me to do, and it is especially important during this time of large change in energy use.

Susan Brown, Energy and Environment Officer, College of West Anglia

The AMR DNA report is perhaps one of the most valuable I have seen for some time.

Alan Donnachie, Director of Estates and Facilities Management, Regent's University London

How do I get AMR DNA and take control of my data?

Energy Managers have never been so rich in terms of data, capturing half-hourly meter reads via ever-more advanced energy management portals and producing multiple reports against a plethora of pre-defined or ad-hoc criteria. Energy managers have historically used automatic monitoring and targeting systems to benchmark performance, but this does not offer true insight into optimal energy performance, only variation over manually set metrics.

Volumes of AMR data can be overwhelming and cannot be handled effectively in spreadsheets - nobody watches a meter daily or reacts to half-hourly signals from multiple sources, so ‘portal data’ at the low level is generally uninformative. AMR DNA’s algorithm transforms consumption data into benchmark energy performance within individual buildings and across portfolios – and when exceptions occur, the system flags a deviation.

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