An asset management innovation to boost EV charge point capacity

An asset management innovation to boost EV charge point capacity

There’s been a lot of focus on electric vehicles since the UK announced a revised deadline for the phasing out of new petrol and diesel cars. However, although the timeline has slipped, what hasn’t changed is the government-mandated quota for electric car sales – meaning that next year 22% of vehicles sold must still be electric…80% by 2030. As a result, the ‘push’ for manufacturers to grow EV adoption remains.

Which means, of course, that demand for charge point infrastructure will also continue to accelerate and will need to be met by a mix of private companies and public agencies.

So how can we boost investment in this vital infrastructure?

The answer could have its roots in a utility metering business model. Here, the market has been transformed by asset management, where businesses such as ours, own, manage and install energy meters for their customers.

Introducing EV charge point asset management

Now EA Net Zero, our specialist low carbon division, has launched just such a model for the EV charge point market, offering customers a flexible technology proposition with multiple design, installation, maintenance and revenue options…but with no upfront capital expenditure.

Site owners, such as local authorities, holiday parks, garden centres, retailers, earn from a new revenue stream while EA Net Zero looks after the network and the service delivery, in return for a monthly rental payment. A digital dashboard provides 24/7 access to charge point data, revenue generation and management information.

We know that there are a lot of design, installation and compliance hoops to jump through for any organisation looking to provide EV charge points for their customers or the wider public.

Thanks to our in-house expertise in asset management, utilities construction and network adoption, we’re uniquely placed to provide a ‘one stop shop’ solution from financing to network connection and operation. We think of it as ‘charge point as a service’, where everything is delivered through a rental agreement.

Flexible proposition with no up-front costs

The company offers a mix of AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) EV units from 7kW to ultra-fast 360kW, scalable for both public realm and commercial and industrial locations, whether that’s off-street car parks, hotel and hospitality sites, retail spaces, taxi hubs or, final mile delivery centres.

The direction of travel is firmly towards the electrification of vehicles, and with car manufacturers being held to mandated quotas – charge point demand will continue to increase significantly.

What’s needed is innovation in the marketplace. With our new EV charge point asset adoption and management model, building the capacity we need as a country can be affordable, scalable and hassle-free for private and public sector organisations. And there’s no risk of them being left with assets that could become technology ‘stranded’.

EA Net Zero supports a growing range of industrial and commercial customers on their net zero journey. The company provides access to a portfolio of low carbon technologies that, in addition to EV charge points, includes AI-driven energy consumption analytics for industrial and commercial buildings, and renewables integration in utility network design and construction.

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