Euan Herries – Installation Validator

Euan Herries – Installation Validator

Hi, I’m Euan Herries and I’m an Installation Validator for the MEX Team at Energy Assets.

The MEX Validation team is vital to the continuation of our compliance status for the installation aspect of Energy Assets. My day-to-day activities include reviewing meter exchanges and utility networks jobs to ensure data accuracy, as well as making sure that all work carried out by our Installation Team meets business and industry standards.

Part of my role is to assist customers with their enquiries and resolve these as quickly and effectively as possible.

Safety, compliance and accuracy are key deliverables of my role, and everyone in my team works together to make sure that these are achieved every day. As a team our core target is meeting SLA’s to ensure suppliers have accurate and up-to-date records and that our installations always meet safety standards.

Teamwork is Key

Teamwork cannot be underestimated at Energy Assets. I’m really proud to say that I am part of a wider unit of people who have demonstrable experience of teamwork that is constantly utilised for the betterment of individuals and the company as a whole. The biggest challenge that faces anyone in a validation role in this industry is the sheer variety of checks and processes that we are required to follow. These are in place for the safety of all involved, but there is a lot of technical aspects involved. These can vary depending on the supplier, the type of installation (LP/MP/IP) and meter type (diaphragm/rotary/turbine) to name just a few.

At Energy Assets employees are given extensive, thorough and continuous training during our employment. We are also given a Validation Manual that has been written by experts within the industry. On top of this we also rely on each other’s experience as well as liaising with the Technical Support and Compliance Departments, so I always feel confident in my ability to get the job done, and done well.

Support and Development

As well as all of the support that I have available to me, I have also found myself self-learning about other aspects of the Energy Assets Group by the sheer nature of my role. I find my role incredibly interesting, as there’s always something new to learn and a lot of this comes from interaction with other departments. By speaking to other departments and teams within the business I have broadened my knowledge of my role as well as how the business operates in other areas. There are always plenty of people willing to offer their help and share their experiences.

Business and industry standards are dynamic, so there’s always something new to learn on the horizon, and I encounter something new each and every day in my role, so I’m certainly kept on my toes. Every day is a school day, as they say!

Another great aspect of working at Energy Assets is that there is plenty of opportunity for growth within the business. I look forward to my continued success and future development with Energy Assets – if my time so far is anything to go by I’m sure that I have an illustrious and rewarding career with Energy Assets.

I highly recommend Energy Assets as a great place to work.


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