My ‘New Normal’ During COVID-19. Jen Faichney – Head of HR

My ‘New Normal’ During COVID-19. Jen Faichney – Head of HR

Hi, I’m Jen Faichney and I’m the Head of HR at Energy Assets.

As Head of HR my ‘official’ day to day role is overseeing the HR function and ensuring that as a team we deliver the key projects that make up our People Strategy. However, in reality, working in HR is a moveable feast. We switch from proactive to reactive activity and respond to the changing needs of the business and our people as and when they occur.

My role enables me to ask, listen and act on feedback from employees across the Group. I have a unique opportunity to drive our policies and influence our ways of working to ensure Energy Assets is recognised as an Employer of Choice.

My Motivations

I’m motivated by the fantastic team I work with who all embrace the opportunity to influence our company culture, support change and make a real difference in people’s work life. I love the people and the variety of projects and activities I am personally involved in and with others across the business.

Life during a Global Pandemic

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought new meaning to the words ‘pace’ and ‘change’, as each day we have faced a changing work and personal landscape. As an individual, and on behalf of the business, I have embraced this change brought on by COVID-19 by working together with other functions to find solutions. It has also been an interesting dynamic addition for my work relationships with my colleagues with the new barrier of distance. This is something which has previously been a limitation for many of us however has taught me how to use my skills and modern technology to communicate better and more clearly.

Since working from home I have tried to maintain a weekday and weekend routine. A typical day as Head of HR in the current climate goes something like this: I get up early to get dressed and have a cup of tea, quickly check urgent emails or actions and then start the morning routine. I eat breakfast with my family and plan my Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls for the day. The HR Team have a daily check-in call to keep in touch. As part of the senior leadership team we have been focussing on our forward looking project work in between the changing activity around COVID-19. Working towards the EA Way, we are using the time to ensure that when we welcome everyone back we have improved systems and processes that will support and help everyone in Energy Assets.


These past few weeks working from home have taught me about resilience, embracing change and the importance of my own wellbeing as well as those around me. It has been a personal and professional challenge which has shaped me as a person and as an HR professional.

As I sit in my new ‘work environment’ also known as my dining table with my new Colleague (Ruby, aged 2) the effects of lockdown couldn’t be further from my office space in Livingston.

It’s a challenge being one of two working parents in the house but we have two designated work spaces and Ruby wanders between, bringing some fun and the odd tantrum to the table – we have one eye on work, one eye on Ruby! As one of our Core Values at Energy Assets, teamwork has certainly been essential! Energy Assets has enabled me to apply a more agile way of working during the pandemic, whilst enabling those that can work from home to do so.

Current Projects

The HR Team is currently preparing to Launch our HR System, EA Connect and finalising our new Group Handbook, both of which will bring consistent processes, policies and ways of working to Energy Assets.

By listening to feedback and bringing together best practices from our acquisitions we can affect positive change and transform how we work and support employees of Energy Assets. This can be a simple policy change to our new HR system which will completely transform how we communicate and manage people information across the business.

So yes, sadly COVID-19 has impacted me, our business and my colleagues in varying ways. I have learnt to apply my own coping mechanisms to consider both work and my family in order to stay well through this difficult time. I wish the same of you. Be safe.


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