Reece Wilson – Apprentice Utility Network Technical Administrator

Reece Wilson – Apprentice Utility Network Technical Administrator

I’m Reece, an Apprentice Utility Network Technical Administrator for Energy Assets Pipelines.

My Daily Routine

My daily tasks include completing the Asset Value process from start to finish on both Gas & Electric Asset Values for the Residential and Industrial & Commercial sectors. I work closely with Energy Assets Networks in Northampton in the AV process. I also check ROs, NROs & FM144 procedures. This involves checking the work that will be undertaken, the routes they will follow and the lengths they will lay, as well as confirming if the Authorising Engineer and Competent Person are registered and certified with us and certified for the work being done. I have to check their EUSR card and make sure they are competent for the pipe diameter they are laying. I also handle plant enquiries to check assets that we have in certain areas to help reduce the risk of assets damage.

A key part of my role is providing support network to our Business Development Managers if they have any questions or queries regarding the issuing or processing of Asset Values. It is important that I provide excellent customer service in eveery part of my work. Respect is key when communicating with everyone.

My Challenges and Motivations

An enjoyable part of my job is dealing with new customers and helping them every day.

I’m motivated to go to work knowing that each day offers a new learning curve. I’m grateful to Energy Assets for the opportunity to learn each day. I’m also motivated in the knowledge that I’m working my way towards career progression. I’m ambitious in my role here. Through my apprenticeship I know that when complete I will have achieved a qualification and ideally a full time job. It’s exciting to know that I have so many prospects ahead of me.

I really like the working environment here at Energy Assets. The office is the perfect balance between calm and professional. I look forward to going into work to a job I enjoy with good co-workers. I know that if ever I need help or need to know something then I can rely on their support and knowledge.

My Accomplishments

So far I think that my biggest accomplishment has been adjusting to a professional environment quickly, and settling in as part of a bigger team. I’ve grown a lot as a person and as an employee; I think back to day one when I was shy and slightly terrified at not knowing what was in store for me, but now I feel that I’ve come out of my shell and am a bit more like myself.

Knowing I am respected in my team has made me more confident and happier. I always have the opportunity to learn more and thrive which makes me determined to become the best I can be.

I look forward to my meter training in January 2020 which, when I pass, will also be a massive personal and professional achievement.

Working for Energy Assets is a wonderful experience. I know that I have opportunities to progress within the company. Energy Assets is clearly putting a large focus on apprentices and giving young people a chance to join and learn – just as I have done to this point. I enjoy working with a team who I know I can rely on when needed, and since I started everyone within the company has been nothing but nice.

I would certainly recommend Energy Assets as an employer.

My advice to anyone thinking of joining Energy Assets is to be open minded and confident in your own abilities. The company will help you if you need it. I started with the business not knowing much about the utility industry and now I know a considerable amount – and I’m learning more as each day goes on.


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