A Day in the Life of Joanne Laidlaw, Business Support Coordinator

A Day in the Life of Joanne Laidlaw, Business Support Coordinator

I am a Business Support Coordinator based in the Livingston office carrying out main administration tasks throughout the company (i.e., organising travel and accommodation, ordering of stationery/supplies and arranging conference meetings). I look after the reception desk in the Livingston Office controlling all incoming calls, dealing with incoming and outgoing mail, helping with visitors (pre COVID) and contributing to any other tasks required. I am the first point of contact for customers and any other visitors.As the first point of contact within the company I need to have exceptional customer service skills and always act in a professional manner along with having good administrative skills.

As part of a team of four, strong communication is important to working well together.  We make sure to discuss team tasks and split these between us so the work is fair. Pre COVID, as a team we receive a lot of requests for travel, car hire, conference bookings etc. that can sometimes be for the same day. These need to be prioritised and the information sent to the member of staff as soon as possible to allow them to plan their travel.

We have processes in place for every task carried out to be able to track and trace any steps and ensure each member can pick up the task should they need to.

Working at Energy Assets during a pandemic.

I found working from home had both negative and positive impacts for me. Positive being that I can get my head down and complete all my tasks without any distractions. Negative being the social aspect, as I am based on reception I have a lot of staff contact which I have missed.   

During COVID we have had weekly team meetings not only for work related discussions but also to catch up and make sure we are all coping okay with the current circumstances.

I have to be strict with myself with regards to working at home. I have a set lunchtime to step away from my computer. I set myself tasks each day ensuring I complete them by the end of the day. Setting myself a deadline helps to keep me focused.

Motivations and Challenges

I feel confident in my role and gain a sense of accomplishment when completing any task, this helps to keep me motivated because I feel our role is very important within the company. My role is Business Support Coordinator and I believe I carry out my tasks to the best of my ability to ensure I support the business and importantly our clients

I set myself daily tasks and take pride in my work. I like the fact that no two days are the same and every day brings new challenges. I enjoy dealing with the public and helping resolve issues that arise. I think during the current circumstances being in contact with the public over the phone helps to keep me communicating with people in the outside world whilst in lockdown. I tackle any challenges by making sure expectations are met and ensuring the Business Support department runs efficiently. It is very gratifying completing a task and receiving praise or recognition for it.

Evolution at Energy Assets

I was quite shy and reserved when I first started out at Energy Assets but being in the role that I am in has brought me a lot of personal confidence in my work and everyday life as I believe in myself and my capabilities. My advice to my former self would be, have confidence and you can achieve what you want in life. Don’t be scared of new challenges or changes. Everything is possible.

I am excited to see how my role evolves through time, I feel like a very valued member of the team and hope to continue improving my skills within the team and seeing where this leads.

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