A Day in the Life of Senga Hair, Group Payroll Manager

A Day in the Life of Senga Hair, Group Payroll Manager

My role
My role as Group Payroll Manger is to make sure every employee is paid accurately and on time.

Employees are the most important asset to Energy Assets and I cannot get payroll wrong as you all deserve the correct pay to be able to work, rest and play.

That’s not to say things don’t go wrong, but if it does, it’s rectified immediately!

My EA Journey
I joined Energy Assets in 2011, in the finance department, and took over payroll in 2012, alongside my main role.  Payroll was supposed to take 2 hours a month. Even with 56 employee, when I took over, that was never possible.  Now with over 700 employee in the Group in 4 payrolls, I am now full time, Group Payroll Manger.

Working Month
Every day is different, preparing all the data to be input into the payroll system “Moorepay” in order to calculate the correct pay for everyone.  So through your Energy Assets work life, I will have made you a starter, been there when you have had sickness, profit share, maternity/paternity, holidays, -everything that has an impact on your take home pay.  Hopefully it ends there and I am not posting you out a P45 as you have decided to leave the Energy Assets Group.

After payroll is committed and Payslips are available to view, that is when most questions are asked and I aim to reply or resolve immediately as your pay matters.

Throughout the month I am dealing with Pensions, Benefits in Kind such as Healthcare, Company Cars, Death in Service, HMRC, all linking with other departments, but ultimately have an effect on your pay.

I am always on the end of the phone, email, Teams to answer questions.

Financial Wellbeing is very important and if any one of employees has a query with their pay, always ask or it could niggle away with your mind and can cause a greater issue in future. 

Tax issues are probably the most it get asked about.  I can talk you through your query, and try to give you as much help as I can in order to contact HMRC. 

Over the past year, I have noticed an increase in questions being asked about pay and pensions. Whither it is people have more of a work/life balance and time to look their pay slips, pension statements and asking for more detail or information which is a great thing to do and prepares you well for retirement.

My moto is always “no question is a silly question”….if you don’t understand always ask. Please keep the questions coming, I am always here to help!

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