Megan Walsh – Apprentice Streetworks Coordinator

Megan Walsh – Apprentice Streetworks Coordinator

My name is Megan Walsh and I’m an Apprentice Streetworks Coordinator for Energy Assets Utilities (EAU).

I began my apprenticeship with Energy Assets Utilities quite recently in January 2020 and I feel like I’ve been able to hit the ground running!

My role plays a vital part in the deliverable services Energy Assets Utilities offers clients and customers. Due to the nature of works that EAU undertakes, both private and public roads and streets are affected and it’s my job to help alleviate disruption as much as possible and help provide streamlined solutions for all parties involved.

A Typical Day

Although my role does have set routines and protocols, no two days are ever really the same. However, my mornings typically start with system checks to see if the Highway Authorities have provided any comments for the team to act on. I also check for permit grants or refusals and react accordingly. I can also raise permits and notices, prepare reinstatement sheets and open and close notices.

Raising and closing permits and notices are a core deliverable for my role and a lot of my time is dedicated to the smooth delivery of this task. The various systems that I use involved a steep learning curve however now I’m able to identify traffic management on my own, enabling me to improve efficiencies.

I prioritise raising notices when they are needed as they are a main aspect of my role, and they are arguably the most important. This is because if we are raising a permit we must make sure everything is correct for the Highway Authorities to grant them.

My Challenges and Motivations

I’ve worked in office-based roles before, so I was immediately comfortable in the environment here however this industry sector was new to me. It can be quite complex at times, however I’m constantly learning and adapting. I’m now picking things up quickly and every day is a little easier. And that’s only one month in the role.

It can sometimes be challenging to work to important deadlines, however the support network I have around me at Energy Assets helps me when I need it – there really is a close-knit community here.

Each day offers me an opportunity to show what I can do and how I can solve problems. I really enjoy what I do and hope to maintain this role here at EAU after my 12-month apprenticeship has concluded.

The Company Culture

The teamwork in the Energy Assets Utilities office is more akin to ‘family’ than co-workers. Everyone helps each other. While we do work closely together a lot of the time, it is possible to work individually. All of the team around me make every day really fun. It’s nice to be able to thrive in an environment that is professional, yet relaxed. We’re all trusted to do our jobs and the culture is one I feel is really rewarding to work in.

I feel respected as an employee, and as a colleague, and I feel welcomed. I was nervous that I may be seen as ‘just an apprentice’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth! I feel every bit as empowered as my co-workers to succeed in my career with Energy Assets Utilities and I highly recommend it as a great place to work.


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