Declan Harte – Metering Technician

Declan Harte – Metering Technician

My name is Declan Harte and I’m an Electric Metering Technician at Energy Assets.

My Energy Assets Journey

I began my employment at Energy Assets in October 2016 as an office-based Planner, which involved planning the engineers’ diaries for them. Whilst I enjoyed my time as a planner, I had aspirations to get out into the field. Energy Assets recognised this and gave me the opportunity to do just that and provided the necessary training for me to become a Communications Engineer. My step from office-based to field-based was a big one, but I embraced the challenge and have become much more confident, especially with face-to-face interactions with customers. Since then I have further progressed my career and I’m now an Electric Metering Technician.

A Typical Day

Whilst no two days are ever the same, my day-to-day role is to visit sites to exchange, install, remove, maintain and carry out any associated works on electric meters. The core deliverable of my role is to ensure I carry out all work to a high standard, meeting regulations and providing customer satisfaction.

One of the most important aspects of my role, for both myself and Energy Assets, is Health and Safety. I always ensure my work is carried out in accordance with company procedures and industry regulations outlaid in The Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement (MOCOPA). This involves me being thorough and detail orientated as small mistakes can have big consequences!

Another key aspect to my role is effective time management to ensure that all jobs the Planning Team schedule for me can be completed on time. The Planning Team schedule my jobs for the day however, on some occasions, I may be called out to an emergency job which would take priority. I’m grateful to have had experience as a Planner as I have a better understanding of the ‘inner workings’ and ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of my own role.

One area of my job which requires more logistic thinking is where I must manage the stock levels in my van to ensure I have the necessary equipment to carry out each job. For the most part I work independently, but as I’m part of a wider team we offer advice and support to each other. At Energy Assets I’m pleased to work in an inclusive team environment from start to finish. This teamwork is utilised expertly to keep channels of communications clear and open for all involved.

A highlight of my job is that I enjoy that every day is different and I never know what challenges might come my way. I also enjoy meeting the many different types of customers we help as I have the opportunity to travel through to deliver our services.

Demonstrating Core Values

My proudest accomplishment so far during my employment with Energy Assets is that I have made a career for myself by progressing through the various roles. I am grateful to Energy Assets for empowering me to do this.

A lot of my motivation comes from knowing there are many opportunities for progression through Energy Assets. I believe that by continuing to work hard in my current role that I am working towards progression in the future. My next aspirational role step is to become CT trained. I would also like to consider auditing or a TSM role in the future.

From day one the company has been supportive, valuing my hard work and commitment. I appreciate that Energy Assets rewards hard work through providing progression opportunities and I would recommend others to come and join us.


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