Focused on the future… ours, yours, our customer’s and the nations

Focused on the future… ours, yours, our customer’s and the nations

It’s becoming increasingly important for all businesses to operate as sustainably as possible – and even more so in industries like ours, which by nature very directly influence the nation’s carbon footprint.

As a society we’re also becoming increasingly conscious of how responsibly and ethically organisations are operating, and their impact on local communities.

Did you know it’s thought…

  • Nearly 60% of people would pay more for a product or service from companies with good values.
  • A strong ESG strategy attracts more interest from investors and results in a 10-20% increase in business value.
  • 58% of purpose-driven organisations grew 10% or more in three years, compared to 42% that weren’t purpose driven.

Introducing Focused on the future

We’re dedicated to being an environmentally and socially responsible business that acts with trust, honesty and transparency – in everything we do.

So much so, we’ve recently launched a new initiative which we’re calling Focused on the future. This help us to ensure it’s in our DNA to:

  • reduce our environmental impact
  • instil a socially responsible ethos
  • ensure good corporate governance.

Our Focused on the future ethos will be ingrained in our business – from how we operate and our core values, to the propositions we offer and the policies and procedures we have in place.

We’re taking it very seriously and have recently appointed an ESG Director, Sam Wright, to drive, oversee and hold us accountable on our ambitions and promises.

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