Introducing EA Net Zero…

Introducing EA Net Zero…

We’re delighted to announce a new strand to our already diverse multi-utilities business – EA Net Zero (EA NZ)

EA NZ has been designed to support the I&C sector adopt low carbon technologies through a portfolio comprising a flexible EV charge point offer, machine learning energy efficiency software, and a specialist network connections service.

EA Net Zero builds on our nearly two decade long partnership with energy suppliers, property developers and thousands of I&C end users.

Today, we’re enhancing our metering, data analytics, network ownership and utility construction services with a new low carbon hardware, software and connections portfolio capable of moving the I&C sustainability needle towards net zero.

The proposition includes a mix of AC and DC EV charge points from 7kW to ultra fast 360kW, available at no up-front capital expenditure, with design, installation, maintenance, dashboard reporting and revenue generation options.

In addition to EV charge points, EA Net Zero will be driving uptake of AMR DNA – a proven machine learning software suite widely in use in Britain to reduce energy waste and cut carbon footprint in buildings. This AI-informed technology progressively learns what best energy performance looks like.

EA Net Zero’s launch portfolio is completed with in-house nationwide energy network connections expertise, which includes specialist support for embedded generation schemes.

Demand for low carbon technologies will increase significantly in the next decade, as EVs supplant new petrol and diesel cars, as organisations look to reduce their real estate carbon output, and as I&C networks increasingly integrate renewables generation.

We certainly know that EV charge point infrastructure needs to accelerate, as evidenced by new and recent government funding for local authority schemes and regular research conducted by SMMT. This direction of travel, along with our established foothold in Britain’s energy services marketplace, positions EA Net Zero strongly as an I&C partner capable of delivering sustainable technologies at scale and at pace.

This is just the beginning for EA Net Zero – the plan is to continue to evolve our offering over time.

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