Introducing our Health and Safety Manager

Introducing our Health and Safety Manager

Safety is a cornerstone and key part of our daily activities and company ethos.  We have an incredibly high commitment to safety in whatever we do, wherever we work. Safety first – safety always has always been how we operate.  That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Andy Leivers to our team as our Health and Safety Manager.

Andy joins us with nearly four decades of experience in the utilities and construction industries, including high risk and specialist areas. He’s been working in Health and Safety management for over 12 years.

We’ve invited Andy to share some of his thoughts and introduce himself in his own words.

“I’m a great believer in aligning the Health and Safety strategy with the strategic intent of the organisation. This enables better decision-making regarding managing, and adapting to, change within the organisation as well as many other benefits. It’s interesting as my role now gives an opportunity to centralise the Health and Safety management systems instead of them being ‘siloed’.

I like to focus on proactively creating safety and driving a positive Health and Safety culture within an organisation, rather than focusing too much on negative objectives that pulls us away from managing the things that can create something positive.

Health and Safety can often be referenced in terms of assurance, governance and reporting but in reality, it’s about engagement, communication and understanding.  I believe ownership of the Health and Safety management systems should be jointly shared by all persons of the organisation from the CEO down to all employees. This is the only way of achieving complete safety excellence within an organisation. Because of this, I tend to use a more behavioural approach to achieving continual and sustainable improvements in Health and Safety. This approach isn’t common, but I believe it’s the way forward as, in my experience, it improves wellbeing and mental health at the same time.

My experience has seen me manage high risk activities, explosive atmospheres, high risk confined spaces, and abseiling/rope access. I’m excited to see what opportunities await me at Energy Assets.”

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