Is now the time to invest in EV?

Is now the time to invest in EV?

By Damien Welch, EVCP BDM, EA Net Zero

When the UK government recently announced its ‘Powering Up Britain’ energy strategy, boosting EV charge point infrastructure was at the heart of a £380 million commitment.

In June, motor manufacturing body SMMT reported that the switch to battery electric vehicles (BEV), particularly among fleet and business users, continued apace, with 24,513 registered in May – up 58.7% year-on-year.  In addition, there was a 23% uptick in plug-in hybrids (PHEV).

Add in growing private sector investment in charge point capacity – with 1628 new EV charging devices last month alone contributing to a 38% year-on-year increase in the Zap-Map device database – and the direction of travel is clear.

So, is now the time for more commercial organisations to join the EV revolution?

Structural change is happening

Commercial fleets will be eyeing many factors, including advances in battery range, financial incentives at both a corporate and employee level, recharge speeds and costs and, of course, how the upscaling of the charging infrastructure fits their business needs. 

What’s clear though, from the latest stats and the prohibition of new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030, is that the shift to EV is irreversible. Ultimately employers will need to provide sufficient charge points to meet the needs of their enterprises and their people.

At EA Net Zero, an Energy Assets business dedicated to helping the commercial sector adopt low carbon technologies, we’re already seeing the impact of this people ‘pull’ factor. As organisations increasingly compete for highly skilled people, offering employees the convenience of fast charging at work not only promotes a positive nudge for sustainability, it also provides a valuable workplace benefit.

Being EV-ready is already creating a competitive advantage for companies in terms of recruitment and differentiation, alongside the potential for lower operating costs and the significant carbon reduction delivered via BEV fleets over fossil fuels. Plus, there’s the possibility of financial support through the current Workplace Charging Scheme.

And from a customer perspective, the business case is equally compelling. This is particularly so in hospitality, where the expectation for EV charge point capability will soon rank alongside WiFi. 

A flexible, future-proofed partnership

At EA Net Zero, we make it easy for commercial organisations to be part of the EV revolution. Our flexible EV charge point proposition is available with no up-front capital expenditure, and offers a mix of AC and DC EV charge points from 7kW to ultra-fast 350kW. We also provide multiple design, installation, maintenance and revenue generation options.

We all know that EV charge point infrastructure will need to accelerate to meet demand as the EV revolution takes hold. The question for organisations is when and how to become part of the journey?

At EA Net Zero, we have the experience and expertise to be an innovative partner for a low carbon future. We’re capable today of delivering EV charge points at a scale and pace, helping to create value for business operations, sustainability and people across Environmental, Social and Governance metrics.

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