Paul Wilson – Metering Engineer

Paul Wilson – Metering Engineer

My main role as a Metering Engineer is to install, remove and exchange gas meters in the I&C sector. This also includes some AMR work and maintenance for example gas leaks etc.

I started out in Energy Assets as an AMR technician and progressed to a CMET1 engineer, and recently completed my CMET2 training. As a field operative, I have received a lot of training particularly around health and safety which has helped improve my awareness and overall understanding.

It is really key in this role to ensure you work safely and in a timely manner. Every job needs, and is, completed to meet industry standards so it is a priority for me that each job is executed to a very high standard. My workload and schedule is organised by the office staff which means I can focus on carrying out my job. I have a storage unit to keep my extra stock in which I keep organised and well stocked as well as a tidy and organised van to maximise my performance.

The team I work with are very professional and are always there to give advice and support, even though my job requires me to operate independently. As a Field Engineer, I provide work and support to a wide variety of customers across different industry sectors. No one day is the same! I have to say I genuinely really do enjoy my job and look forward to the different challenges – and opportunities – it provides me on a daily basis. I like the independence of the role and the satisfaction I receive from completing my work to a high standard.

One of the biggest challenges I face is to maintain the high standard I and Energy Assets sets whilst balancing meeting the customer’s needs. Sometimes what the customer wants, does not always meet the standards we work to but we work collaboratively to ensure the appropriate solution.

Metering engineering is an excellent career to get into as it opens up many different paths for the future. I have not thought too much about where my own career will go in general but I am beginning new training with Energy Assets for low pressure rotary meters next week and look forward to becoming fully CMET2 trained and taking on some new challenges. My proudest accomplishment so far is completing my training to become gas safe and the progression I have made through the company within a short space of time. There are plenty of opportunities to progress if you show interest and commitment, I would definitely recommend it. The support of Energy Assets has been great.


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