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Energy Assets is committed to providing the highest quality service in metering including the provision, installation and maintenance of advanced Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and smart metering services.

Since 2005, we have installed in excess of 500,000 AMR meters across the country. We work closely with energy suppliers to design, install, maintain and monitor metering installations for their customers ensuring our assets are fully compliant with the relevant legislative and industry standards from simple installations to complex projects. Building on this extensive experience Energy Assets now offer SMETS2 meters for installation in Micro Businesses.

Whether you are a sole trader, SME, corporate, large industrial user, energy supplier or from the public sector you can talk directly to us for your gas or electricity smart metering needs. 

The UK government & Ofgem want at least 80% of households and businesses to have a smart meter by the end of 2024. Energy Assets smart meter rollout is underway and has already started to bring the benefits of the latest generation smart metering (SMETS2) to micro businesses up and down the country.


What is a Smart Meter?

Any Electricity Smart Meter Equipment (ESME) or Gas Smart Meter Equipment (GSME) that communicates wirelessly from your premise to the energy supplier via the Data Communication Company (DCC) is considered a smart meter.

SMETS2 which is the second generation of smart meter, are being rolled out across the domestic and smaller non-domestic market over the next few years.

Like AMR meters, smart meters enable businesses to benefit from accurate half hourly consumption data, making it easier for them to access the best tariffs, new services and switch more easily to a different energy supplier.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) compared to SMETS2

Despite certain similarities, AMR devices and smart meters perform slightly differently and utilise different communications means to deliver data.

Unlike AMR, the operation of smart meters is through a centralised data communication company. These meters are produced to an industry standard referred to as the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Standard (SMETs).

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What is right for my business?

Micro-businesses in the I&C sector will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to a smart meter by your energy supplier.

Your smart meter will be then be installed by one of our qualified engineers on behalf of your energy supplier.

NOTE: Non-domestic smart meters are available to businesses with an annual electricity consumption up to 100,000 KWh and/or an annual gas consumption of up to 293,000KWh.

Why Choose Energy Assets?

Our strong track record in industrial and commercial metering means our engineers are used to working with businesses to minimise disruption and tackle any technical complexity, we have extended our team to work with energy suppliers to increase commercial smart metering awareness and uptake in micro-businesses.

To find out more about the Energy Assets small business smart meter programme call us on 01506 405405 or please contact your energy supplier directly.

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