As the energy market develops so does the needs of its users. Energy Assets spotted a consumer need for a product to help customers manage their energy strategies more efficiently.

This led to the creation and launch of WebAnalyser - an energy management portal like no other.

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WebAnalyser, an Energy Assets service, captures data from gas, electricity and water meters via automated meter reading technology and presents it within a single dashboard covering consumption for each utility.

If you know what, when and how much energy you use, you can start to manage and make energy strategies that make a real difference to both your environmental impact and your bottom line.

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WebAnalyser makes all of this possible and is the key to this is putting you in control.

There are three key factors to understanding your energy; what you’re using, when you’re using it and how much you’re using. Once you understand these you can start to manage your energy and create energy strategies that will make a difference both environmentally and economically.


Our web portal is fully configurable with a dashboard array that visually highlights energy usage across your multi-utility portfolio. It allows the Energy Manager to allocate sites and usage to groups or individuals and set your level of interactivity.

Users can drill down to individual, sites, meter and profiles. Understanding usage allows easy identification of waste or overspend and allows savings to be tracked. Full data validation, tolerance checks and alarms provide immediate management information.

A comprehensive library of reports covers off all standard reporting requirements with export to Microsoft Excel as an option.

  • Trend analysis and comparison with previous performance.
  • Comparison with targets or benchmarks.
  • Ranking of sites according to performance.
  • Regression Analysis
  • Degree-Day adjustment

Tariff information can be uploaded and allocated to a meter to indicate energy units per meter. Cost centres can be created to allow a group of meters to be viewed at a glance.



If you would like a demonstration of WebAnalyser and see at first-hand what our portal brings please contact us:

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