Driving hospitality forward – the benefits of installing EV chargers in the hotel and leisure industry

Driving hospitality forward – the benefits of installing EV chargers in the hotel and leisure industry

In an era where sustainability is paramount and eco-conscious travellers are on the rise, the hotel and leisure industry faces a unique opportunity to not only meet evolving guest expectations but also drive business growth through the installation of electric vehicle charging points (EVCP) on-site. Here, Damien Welch from Energy Assets Net Zero explores the myriad of benefits that EV charging infrastructure can bring to hospitality establishments.

Attracting eco-conscious guests
With environmental awareness at an all-time high, travellers are increasingly seeking accommodations that align with their values. By offering EV chargers on-site, hotels and leisure facilities can attract eco-conscious guests who prioritise sustainability in their travel choices. This environmentally friendly amenity serves as a powerful differentiator, positioning the establishment as a leader in green hospitality.

Enhancing customer experience
Providing EV charging facilities enhances the overall guest experience by offering added convenience and value. Travellers with EV’s can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have access to charging infrastructure during their stay. This convenience not only improves guest satisfaction but also fosters loyalty, as guests are more likely to return to establishments that cater to their specific needs.

Generating revenue opportunities
The installation of EV chargers presents hotels and leisure facilities with revenue-generating opportunities. Properties can choose to offer EV charging as a premium service, charging fees for usage or including it as part of premium room packages. Additionally, guests who utilise EV charging services may spend more on other amenities offered such as dining, spa services, or recreational activities, further boosting revenue streams, or look to host meetings at your venue, which can be highly profitable.

Demonstrating environmental leadership
By investing in EV charging infrastructure, hotels and leisure facilities demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. This proactive approach to sustainability not only resonates with guests but also strengthens the brand’s reputation as a responsible hospitality venue. Such initiatives can attract positive media attention and enhance the establishment’s standing within the community.

Meeting regulatory requirements
With governments around the world implementing stricter emissions regulations and incentives to promote electric vehicle adoption, installing EV chargers can help hotels and leisure facilities stay compliant with evolving regulatory requirements. By proactively embracing sustainable practices, establishments can avoid potential future penalties and position themselves as proactive partners in the transition to a low-carbon future.

Increasing property value and marketability
Investing in EV charging infrastructure enhances the overall value and marketability of hotel and leisure properties. EV-friendly amenities are increasingly becoming a factor in travellers’ decision-making processes, and properties that offer such facilities stand out in a competitive market. Additionally, the installation of EV chargers can increase the property’s appeal to investors and developers who prioritise sustainability.

In conclusion, installing EV chargers on-site presents numerous benefits for the hotel and leisure industry, ranging from attracting eco-conscious guests and enhancing customer experience, to generating revenue opportunities and demonstrating environmental leadership. By embracing this EV chargers, establishments can position themselves for long-term success while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for the hospitality industry and beyond.

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