Driving towards sustainability, new additions to our fleet

Driving towards sustainability, new additions to our fleet

Our journey to reduce road emissions began in 2022, and we’ve just reached a new milestone with the delivery of 50 new Toyota Corolla Hybrids joining the EA Metering & Data fleet.

These new hybrids are expected to reduce related road emissions by c.30% compared to traditional petrol or diesel vans. They also allow our Engineers to service ultra-low emission zones.

Preparing for ‘new van day’

Before they could hit the road, the vehicles underwent our rigorous compliance and safety checks, testing, and received full branded livery. They then went straight into service with our metering and data team.

Transitioning to a fully EV and PHEV fleet means that we’ve also had to upgrade our own infrastructure.  We’ve installed our own (link to EV) charge points at all our sites and offer an incentive for at home charging for our teams. By utilising our data and analysis expertise (link to data page), we’ve also been able to optimise our Engineer’s maintenance and daily work routes reducing overall mileage by 10%, further reducing our carbon emissions.

Minimising our supply chain footprint

Alongside the carbon emission reductions, the hybrids were chosen due to the fact they’re manufactured in Derbyshire at the Burnaston car plant. British-made also has the added benefit of reducing our overall supply chain carbon footprint.

David Sing, Director of Metering and Data says; “Transportation accounts for 26% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. With Net Zero targets fast approaching, and many towns and cities adopting ultra-low emission zones, it’s essential that we transition our fleet to low carbon emission vehicles. Investing in a robust EV infrastructure alongside new vehicles not only helps us support the UK’s Net Zero goals, but ensures that we’re able to operate efficiently, scale-up our fleet, and demonstrate our commitment to lowering our carbon emissions, without impacting our operational ability.”

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