Gas Safety Week: maintaining a robust safety conscious culture in all that we do

Gas Safety Week: maintaining a robust safety conscious culture in all that we do

As a leading, nationwide, multi-utility construction / adoption and metering firm, maintaining a robust safety conscious culture is of paramount importance to us.  

Gas is one strand to our multi-utility offering, and like all others in our industry, due to its volatile nature – it’s vital we get all aspects of gas-related safety right.

Our gas related teams engage in a wide array of activities – from routine meter exchanges, to connections, to expansive infrastructure construction. They also support emergency call-outs each month, fixing broken meters and addressing pressure-related concerns.  Throughout, we ensure all colleagues possess the right qualifications and skills to work safely, with expertise and awareness.

We take a continuous development approach across all aspects of health & safety, not just gas-related, and have seen continuously low safety related incident rates as a result. Ralph Reekie, Head of HSE & QA says, “To ensure we’re at the industry forefront, our engineers, managers, and support teams undertake continuous professional development and technical training. Their qualifications are always renewed in a timely fashion each year”.

Ralph Reekie, Head of HSE & QA continues, “We also regularly provide objective evidence to customers of our contribution towards continued improvement in the safe operation of old and obsolete assets. And we undertake ongoing field audits, to monitor safe working practice and ensure the highest quality of service.”

We keep up to date with all new technology and developments in the multi-utilities sector and how these will impact every aspect, including the safety, of existing infrastructure, connections and meters.  As the gas transition takes hold, our breadth and depth of knowledge, hydrogen blend ready infrastructure and our recently launched EA Net Zero division, places us well to continue to meet all customer demands on the road to Net Zero.

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