New in-house HH accreditation: helping customers collect and analyse data in granular detail

New in-house HH accreditation: helping customers collect and analyse data in granular detail

We’ve now achieved accreditation to provide Half-Hourly (HH) Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DCDA) services direct to our growing customer base.

Our Elexon Performance Assurance Board (PAB) approval comes ahead of the Ofgem-mandated market-wide Half-Hourly settlement (MWHH) reform planned for 2025.

We’ve historically provided HH services via a third party. Bringing this capability in-house ensures data flow security and enables greater innovation in our ‘end-to-end’ metering, monitoring and analytics service. This includes extracting value from HH data through advanced energy management portals and applying machine learning to optimise energy performance in buildings.

Our Managing Director (Assets), David Sing said, “Half hourly meter reads enable organisations to collect and analyse consumption data in granular detail – so they’re better placed to optimise energy performance and reduce costs and carbon footprint.

More than this, though, MWHH reform will likely transform the energy landscape across the I&C sector, by including smaller non-domestic customers previously excluded from HH settlement.

For example, suppliers will be able to:

  • analyse HH settlement data to create customised ‘time-of-use’ tariffs reflecting the consumption profiles of I&C users
  • manage loads more effectively by incentivising a shift in demand from peak times.

Our new HH accreditation positions us strongly to be part of this emerging and more competitive landscape.”

Our Group Commercial Director, Stewart Love said: “The PAB HH accreditation means we can bring a new dynamic to the DCDA marketplace, challenge established players and create value for existing customers and many thousands more organisations. It significantly enhances the totality and flexibility of our metering services and data offer.”

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