Energy Assets Boosts its AMR Platform for Universal Coverage

Energy Assets Boosts its AMR Platform for Universal Coverage

We are expanding our electricity meter data collection capabilities to near universal coverage across Britain’s industrial and commercial markets.

As a leader in energy metering and analytics, we have broadened the reach of our automated meter reading (AMR) service to cover around 99% of all power meters serving private and public sector organisations.

This enhanced AMR capability widens the potential scope of our Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DCDA) services to a growing customer base of energy suppliers, brokers and end users.

“I doubt there’s ever been a time when energy consumption data has been so critical for companies as they look for ways to mitigate the impact of escalating costs,” said David Sing, Energy Assets Group Managing Director (Assets).

“So, I’m delighted we’re now able to help more end users and their suppliers collect consumption data automatically and easily, and to extract the information they need to understand better how they’re using energy and where they can make efficiencies.”

This expansion augments the end-to-end suite of services developed by us to help organisations sharpen their focus on power consumption, whether through advanced metering, data collection or sophisticated reporting and analytics tools. The increased scope means suppliers will benefit from more efficient reads of mixed meter portfolios.

“We’re entering an era in which data will increasingly become the measure of sustainability for commercial and industrial energy users, particularly with the move to the Market-wide Half-Hourly settlement (MWHH) by 2025.” said David Sing.

“For business users, data will not only be key for carbon reporting and ESOS strategies, it’ll also be critical in driving energy efficiencies and opening up opportunities for customised ‘time-of-use’ tariffs. Now’s the time to make data work for you.”

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