Introducing our next generation gas data logger

Introducing our next generation gas data logger

We’ve launched a next generation gas data logger, the XM05, offering future-proofed NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) connectivity and extended battery performance.

Why XM05?

This new technology – available exclusively to our customers – combines consumption efficiency with broad-spectrum data communication.

This translates into:

  • enhanced connectivity – perfect for hard-to-reach meters in rural areas or deep inside buildings
  • improved data flow across entire gas meter portfolios – enabling better consumption analytics
  • extended reach and 15-year battery life – optimising automated meter reading performance.

Supplier benefit

If you’re a supplier, this means better control over consumption data flows.

Intermediary benefit

For intermediaries, it’s an improved service suite offer.

I&C customer benefit

Our end users gain enhanced data capture for consumption reporting and analytics.

“By investing in next generation gas data loggers, we’re future-proofing the data integrity and reliability central to our customers’ energy efficiency and environmental strategies,” says David Sing, Energy Assets Group Manager Director (Assets).

“More than ever before, data is the measure of sustainability for I&C organisations. Our new logger technology, coupled with our energy monitoring and analytics platforms, will help businesses optimise the efficiency of their buildings and processes on the road to Net Zero.”

The XM05, with NB-IoT onboard, will both strengthen the performance of our automated meter reading systems and secure data flows potentially impacted by the planned phasing out of 2G and 3G GSM mobile services.

To find out more, download the XM05 product guide or contact Richard Atkinson, Strategic Development Director at

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